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Alloy wheels - spot sand a bit of missed putty? - Kazzz20

Hi everyone.

So I'm refurbing my alloys using the e-tech alloy wheel repair kit. I sanded down to metal in some areas so used autotek etch primer. I've not covered the whole wheel in this as I'm planning to go over it with autotek high build primer, then paint and lacquer.

I've noticed I missed a spot of putty and it shows from far away. The bit the putty is over does not need etch primer, it's just it was near the area that did. The etch primer says to leave it for 24 hours which will be tomorrow about 7pm. Is it okay to sand this clump down tomorrow? Then high build primer it later on. I was thinking to mask off just that area so a small square. Does this sound OK? I'm worried that I'll end up with dust from the sand as the kit said to rub down before spraying which I've done. I used the Wipes in the kit and some rubbing alcohol to rub the wheel down before etch primer. So if its fine to rub it down, should I wipe the wheel down again and with what? It's in my shed just now I might be able to take it so there's less dust when I start spraying again or will that not matter n should I just sand it where it is.

Please advise.


Alloy wheels - spot sand a bit of missed putty? - Kazzz20


This is a pic of it.

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