Pollen Filter Astra - MonkeyFunk

Ive got a Mk3 Astra, could anyone tell me where the pollen filter is ??

Pollen Filter Astra - Dynamic Dave
IIRC, pop the bonnet and it's between the bottom edge of the windscreen and bulkhead. Look for an outline of a panel to lift up.
Pollen Filter Astra - AR-CoolC
The black plastic shroud at the bottom of the screen is in 2 parts, open the bonnet and at the back of the engine bay you will see a seal and a plastic moulding the full width of the bay. lift off the seal and lift out the plastic moulding, there you will see the filter.
The trick is putting the cover back on correctly. the front edge MUST be fitted into a rebate on the panel under the wipers. if this is not replace correctly you will end up with either a car full of water or the car steaming up as soon as you put the heater on.
Similar to the Focus pollen filter postings.
Pollen Filter Astra - MonkeyFunk
thanks for the tips!!

ill hunt it down tonight after work!!

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