My trailer - Martin Devon
I have an Ifor Williams trailer. Galvanised body work and it is looking very sad due to grime and diesel output from a previous van. I have tried powerwashing it but to no avail. Can any of you chaps suggest a magic formula to do the job and restore said trailer to it's former glory!

My trailer - J.B.
How about giving it a stiff brush with a degreaser such as Jizer or swarfega then power washing it. Alternatively a steam clean would do the trick. (Look at under steam cleaners)
My trailer - M.M
Try Jiff and a nylon scouring pad.

Works for me on LR galavanised trim and Ifor Williams trailers.

Don't make it look too good though or the boys will take it in the night!

My trailer - Martin Devon
I would have thought that these days there would have been a 'magic' spray on doofer or something that would wash away and leave the thing spotless! Pah! Pathetic. I blame Blair.

As for it going 'away' in the night this has been tried and the only thing that saved it was the neat little barrel lock that fits in the tow hitch. I awoke in the morning to find the trailer the wrong way round and nose down on the ground. Their ball cover in the trailer ready to go. It must have been then that they realised it couldn't be connected to the hitch.


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