Pug 205 automatic - Caspar
Has anyone any experience of the automatic gearbox on these cars?
My brother has an automatic only license and has driven old Micras up until now but has been offered a 1988 205. Am I right to be a bit wary of these cars?

Pug 205 automatic - Gen
At that age it depends very much on the car in question. 1988 is an old car, why are they getting rid of it? (how long mot?) Look at its service record, how many owners, etc etc.

Of course, someone will come along who's had a 205 soon...
Pug 205 automatic - Altea Ego
Well funny you should say that.. Mummy had a 205 auto bought from new in 86. Had a few problems with stalling at first but a carb change under warranty fixed that. The 1.6 was an absolute rocket for a small (4 speed) auto, but very thirsty. In 10 years nothing actualy stopped or broke, but the interior was very flimsy. She part exed it when tin worm started to appear thro the rear passenger door. (that was due to a bad replacement door skin after an accident)
Pug 205 automatic - Aprilia
Its a ZF 4HP14 - as used in many Pugs, Citroens, Rover Montego, old Rover 216, Rover 820
Pug 205 automatic - Mutterer
We used to have a 309, same year, box & engine (and power steering).

Nice box, I think the only one to change down as you slow down.

Pity the rest of the car was carp.

Local tranny fixer said that you would never wear out a ZF box, though it can break due to neglet/misuse, as can we all. If the rest of the car is OK I would go for it on the basis that you junk it if anything breaks.
Pug 205 automatic - Andrew-T
I've no personal experience of an auto 205, but it was one of the last 205 versions to be phased out, and it's still quite easy to find nice ones with about 5K/year for sale. Maybe you should look for a 94L rather than an 88 car? A really posh one would be a Gentry - leather and all mod.cons.

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