Anyone used DC Cook Direct? - Berkshire Whizz
Hi All
At last, a broker flogging the 2003MY Honda Jazz for £1200 off the list price (thanks to HJ for the info). Has anyone used DC Cook Direct before? I have never been with a broker. Has anyone encountered any problems with this company, or are there any pitfalls which i need to be wary of?
Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated, and treated in the strictest confidence if necessary!!

Anyone used DC Cook Direct? - Armitage Shanks{P}
A company with a very similar name, based in the North-East ceased trading a few years ago; might be worth seeing if there is a connection between the present company and the former one!
Anyone used DC Cook Direct? - Flat in Fifth

There was an earlier thread relating to a car sales outfit, not the one you mention. That thread ended up with the moderators deleting all of the comments and posting a summary along the lines of - "Our contributors seem unable to recommend this company"

Therefore, in a somewhat similar vein, I feel unable to recommend any company with a name showing, or inferring, any corporate connection to DC Cook.

I suggest that this be left there unless some happy customers wish to make their positive comments. There must be one somewhere.

Anyone used DC Cook Direct? - IanT
I'm not going to make a postive or negative comment - just want to point out to BW that DCCook only sell pre-reg Hondas and that he should add the extra cost of road tax, metallic paint (at £100 over list price) and delivery (optional). He should also check the car has an 03 number plate and a full three year warranty.

You might also like to check out

This site is virtually identical to DCCook's, using the same software and with the same special offer on the Honda Jazz (actually a fraction cheaper). You might prefer to buy from a company associated with Makro, "Motor Solutions in association with Makro". Or maybe not. The legal interconnectivity of these companies is anybody's guess.

Anyone used DC Cook Direct? - Berkshire Whizz
Thank you for your comments, both. I had checked with them and they assured me that it was an 03 model with 3 years warranty, and i was aware of the on-costs of metallic paint and VED. Since then i have found out that a local Honda main dealer has the model and colour i want in stock, so i will probably take that route. Call it my conservative (with a small 'c') nature!


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