Mondeo 97R Clutch Change - Craggyislander
Hi guys

Looks like I need a new clutch on my Mondeo - its the 1796cc Verona 5 door with aircon.
Luckily enough the clutch is covered under the warranty I took out when I got the car so I should be ok as regards costs.
(Warranty specifically INCLUDES wear and tear to the entire clutch assembly).
Anyway can someone please let me know whats involved? I know it costs about 500 to 600 quid and takes around 5 hours but what does the garage need to do?

Thanks in advance
Mondeo 97R Clutch Change - Pete F
Nobody else has answered and I've never done this job but the basics will be, release lower suspension fixings, remove driveshafts from transmission, release engine/trans mounts, disconnect shifter cables, drop engine/trans down, remove trans from engine, remove clutch. Quite a big job, so no surprise if a garage charge £500.
Mondeo 97R Clutch Change - Keith S
I believe the subframe has to be dropped.

Common problems occur after a clutch change due to misalignment of the subframe on re-assembly.
Mondeo 97R Clutch Change - Chas{P}
Subframe alignment is critical.

The garage doing the work must use alignment pins otherwise the car may pull to one side.

These alignment pins are readily available form Sykes, Sealey etc and cost roughly £25 so the workshop should have them.

Mondeo 97R Clutch Change - blank

Would you mind telling me the name of the warranty company? I have a 99 Mondeo with 65k rapidly rising miles.

What mileage is yours on?

Should all Mondeo owners join this company's scheme?

Mondeo 97R Clutch Change - Craggyislander
Hi Guys

Thanks for the replies so far.
In response to Andy's note, I bought the car in June 2000 from MJA in Walton on Thames (by far the best garage I have come across for after sales service).
I took out an extended warranty on the car (48 months) with them.
The company that provides the backup is Warranty Holdings , though MJA have had the foresight to assign a warranty manager , so all I need to do is to call him direct and tell him what the problem is - he then deals direct with the garage and they bill the warranty firm direct.
The package that I took out cost me in the region of £750 on top of the purchase price and so far its paid for new discs and pads on the front,a new battery,new heater blowers resistor pack and next week a new clutch (if the garage diagnose that as being faulty).
I don't know if you can get Warranty Holdings to backfill for you to this standard - ie will they cover a car that was bought some time ago - but give them a call?
Their claims admin centre is on Tel: +44 (0)870 607 0332

Mondeo 97R Clutch Change - JohnnyBoy
Our mechanics must be under-charging here in Northern Ireland! -
I got mine changed at a local independent garage for £250 all in.
(1.6 LX - not sure if that makes any difference?)
Mondeo 97R Clutch Change - blank
That is quite an expensive warranty isn't it. Clearly worth it in your case though and it would have been to me too I suspect. I paid out £600 for a new a/c compressor last year and definitely need new discs and pads next service.
Wonder if the warranty would pay out for an engine rebuild in the event of a premature cambelt failure? That's another looming expense for the 70k service in a couple of months, because I haven't the guts to run it to the recommended 80k!



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