ZX diesel/diesel turbo - same engine? - andyj
Just one more question folks (and thanks v much for the feedback on the last one - v helpful), does anyone know if the 1.9 diesel is the same basic engine - and mounting - as the turbo diesel? Just that there's a running, good condition, rear-end damage ZX 1.9d just down the road, and if it's the same engine sounds ideal to drop into my 1.9td.
ZX diesel/diesel turbo - same engine? - dieselhead

The turbo diesel engine has uprated crankshaft pistons etc. and would also lack the oil feed supply to the turbo so no chance of converting the donor engine to turbo spec .However I think it's the same basic design so it would fit ok. Personally I wouldn't bother with it as the non turbo engine is alot slower and no more economical.

ZX diesel/diesel turbo - same engine? - andyj
Thanks Steve - thought it sounded too good to be true! andy

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