Drinking and Driving - Marcos{P}
Went to the trendy bar in town after a hard week at work tonight.
Had a couple of shandys and noticed how drunk all the little idiot estate agent types were getting.
When I left at 7.30 a couple of them walked out in front of me and I followed them down the road and watched in amazement as they stumbled into a Porsche Boxster. I asked the driver if he was really going to drive in his condition to which he replied \"what has it got to do with you\".
I informed him that if he started the car I would remove the keys and ring the Police.
He went mental and the pair of them started swearing like a couple of hedge monkeys and then proceded to wheelspin off down the high street.
I rang the police and gave them the registration No. but I can\'t understand that in this day and age and with the education we get people still drink and drive putting everyones life in danger.
Luckily for me I know where they work so on Monday morning I will pay them a visit and get an apology providing the driver has not been arrested.
Drinking and Driving - Alf
I would shop my own father if I had to, for his own safety as much as for anyone elses.

Unfortunately, you cannot reason with idiots, that is why I just quietly ring 999 and give \'em the registration details. Success rate of two out of two so far this year and eyes wide open for the next pink fluffy dice.


Drinking and Driving - matt35 {P}
You have done your bit - keep away from these nutters and don't get your head kicked in.
Well Done!
Drinking and Driving - borasport20
they've no excuses for this sort of behaviour. I'd like to think i'd do the same.

Good on you

I have to grow old - but I don't have to grow up
Drinking and Driving - HF
Marcos - well done indeed!

You've just done the thing we ALL should do, but sadly not everyone has the courage to do it.

More people with your attitude would make our roads a safer place.
Drinking and Driving - PhilW
You're a braver man than I, Marcos but please don't push it too far by visiting them again. Anyone stupid enough to drink and drive may be also lacking judgement in other areas and if he has been nicked, the impending loss of his licence may provoke him to try to gain revenge. Don't endanger yourself - you've already done more than most.

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