Do dealers still give cash discounts? - Mightycheese
Just wondering, because the last few dealers I've spoken to havn't knocked the price down at all when offered cash.
Is it just my wonderful bargining skills, or do dealers just prefer to get people on finance packages these days?
Do dealers still give cash discounts? - SteveH42
I think it's a number of factors. Finance deals are much more lucrative to them for starters, but if a car has been sat around a few weeks then they will give a discount for any payment method just to shift it. Often, handling cash can cost them more than other methods of payment - time to get to the bank etc. Plus, the days of being able to do it without going through the books are long gone.
Do dealers still give cash discounts? - Nortones2
D'you mean cash as in folding money? If so, maybe they don't want a possible money launderer, so won't play:) Not that I think you are laundering! Haven't had problems getting the price down recently: maybe its the month end? Mind you I didn't get into the nitty gritty of how to pay until I got the discount. Quite happy to take a bankers draft. Didn't sulk re finance.
Do dealers still give cash discounts? - r_welfare
It's true that dealers are often more keen to get you into their own finance packages, as they get a healthy commission. But, as has been said previously, there are other factors involved such as how long the car's been in stock, what the car is, whether it's the end of the month and if the particular salesman has made his target.

My parents recently decided to replace their cars, both had cash (banker's draft) and no part-ex and were buying from (different) Honda dealers, but the difference in response to haggling was interesting. In both cases cash and no swapper mentioned up front.

Car 1 (three-year-old Accord auto) got £400 off, plus free road tax. Young salesman willing to "do deal", middle of month, new dealership.

Car 2 (two-year Logo CVT) got nothing off at all, just free tank of petrol! Salesman for Car 2 much "harder" character, kept quoting about JD Power survey, just after end of month. Mum smitten with car so she paid up.

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