Subaru Stutter - Hurman
Anyone out there know about Subaru Imprezas? I have a 2.0 GL P reg with 70K on the clock. Superb car and ultra reliable. Just recently it has developed a slight stutter when accelerating from low revs, approx 1500rpm in second gear, and then clearing to accelerate as normal.

Although this doesn't affect the car too much I would like to know what is going on and if there is a known problem. I have visited some of the Subaru owners club websites but most of their problems involve a turbo and this is not the case with mine.

Any input would be most helpful


Subaru Stutter - Jonathan {p}
Have you tried giving the throttle body and accelerator cable a good going with carb cleaner?

I had a stutter on cold starts on my car, and this sorted the problem out straight away.

Subaru Stutter - Hurman

Thanks for the idea. I think it might be something to do with the fuel as well. I will get myself a can of the old carb cleaner tonight along with the new front brake pads I need. If I can find the petrol filter I might have a look at that as well.



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