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Just did a quick search and couldn't find anything about this, so here goes.

Last year, as I was doing my IAM training around Stoke, me and my observer noticed that induction loops were appearing on certain roads, accompanied by small grey boxes on 2 foot poles at the side of the road.

I then noticed that the same loop patterns seem to be in place every 1/3rd mile (without fail) on each lane of the M6 between J20 and J15 (and quite possibly outside those junctions) both North & Southbound.

OK, so I could imagine that on the M6 they may be there for traffic flow monitoring, and the fact that there are very frequent matrix signs now would re-enforce that idea, but the ones around Stoke don't make sense as they are on both main routes, and not so main routes, and don't seem to be evenly spaced.

In the thread about GPS speed limiting it mentions the use of induction loops to control speed. For what other purposes are they used (other than traffic lights and cameras)?
Induction Loops (M6 and Stoke) - Marcos{P}
They have been putting them in around our way for a while now and all of a sudden sneaky speed cameras have appeard on the back of large road signs next to the loops.
The cameras are the same as attatched to the gantrys on the M25 by heathrow and are invisible from the front and blend well into the signs.
I thought now that all speed cameras had to be easily visible but these are the most sneaky I have come across.
Induction Loops (M6 and Stoke) - mr_right
They are known as MIDAS loops they are used for all sorts of purposes mainly to monitor traffic flows(occupancy) and speed of vehicles.

About the spacing it does not have to follow as they may not be for the same system and therefore it doesnt matter that one set might be closer together than another.

We use the data from them to analyse traffic flows, see when congestion occures or it can be used in conjunction with ANPR systems to determin how long certain journeys take both in peak traffic flow and late at night when there is relativly no traffic. Also to see what types of vehicles use which lanes etc

I hope this has helped you!!!!!!

Induction Loops (M6 and Stoke) - Altea Ego
The detailed analysis of this traffic monitoring then goes to traffic flow engineers, who then proceed to put traffic lights on roundabouts and motorways, rephase traffic lights, and miriad other devices to slow us all down and clog the roads with traffic where it once flowed quite nicely thank you.
Induction Loops (M6 and Stoke) - Cyd
Many a true word spoken in jest.

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