Windscreen Scratches and Swirl mark - maru
Got a light scratches on the windscreen and my car dealer worsen it after polishing. Now could see swirl mark on my windscreen.
Is there any DIY method to fix up this problem.

My car dealer in Malaysia offers to replace my new car windscreen at no cost to me but I dont feel that comfortable being concern on water leakage or other issues related later on.

Please help.
Windscreen Scratches and Swirl mark - Dizzy {P}
There has been quite a lot of discussion in this forum about removing windscreen scratches and the consensus is that there is no way of removing them. Having tried various ways myself over the years, I agree.

I would accept the offer of a new screen but would insist on having an experienced person fitting it. As you suggest, replacing screens does occasionally lead to problems but the chances are that all will be OK if it is done by a professional fitter.


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