Sticking Electric Window - StuW
Hello just wandering how to stop my drivers side electric window from "sticking". I have to push on it for it too move down sometimes and the other day when i had the window fully down when i got back it wouldn't move up and i had to get a pair of plyers to pull on it for it to move up again, i don't want to be stuck with the window up or down especially as the weather seems to be turning sunny (touch wood). Any suggestions will much appreciated.
Sticking Electric Window - AR-CoolC
It depends on the make and model, as there are many different types of mechanism.
Sticking Electric Window - StuW
Sorry its 1992 Vauxhall Nova so i shuoldn't think it would be too complicated. The window itself is not slow or struggle once it moves it just won't budge at all sometime until you push on it or pull it.
Sticking Electric Window - AR-CoolC
3 or 5 door ?
Sticking Electric Window - StuW
Its a 3 door.
Sticking Electric Window - AR-CoolC
Remove the door card
2 screws behind pull handle cover
unclip cover around release handle
screws in door pocket ( if applicable)

Get the glass to the top and loosen the two screws that attatch the glass to the mechanism, then tighten them up again.

If there is still a lot of play, cheack that the felt guides down the front and back edge of the glass haven't either got chewed up of are missing completely where they go inside the door.
Sticking Electric Window - Galaxy
Try cleaning it on both sides and then polishing both sides with a silicone polish.

If this doesn't work then the mechanism needs further investigation.
Sticking Electric Window - davwood
I had this problem on a Rover 600.Went to my local (non franchise) garaged and he sugested spraying silicon spray down the sides of the window frame before doing anything drastic. went home got out the pledge and did not have any further problems with it.
Sticking Electric Window - StuW
Where would i get silicon spray from Davwood and how much is it? Glasstech thanks for the suggestion i'll try having a look at the mechanism but not messing about with it too much!! (Although i usually can't resist having a fiddle). See if anything seems out of the ordinary like you said and if not i've give Davwood idea a go. Do you think it may be a good idea to spray the silicon spray along the runners inside the door??
Its approaching summer and we've had some lovely weather lately and i really don't want a window stuck closed! :-(
Sticking Electric Window - henry k
Pledge, as in common furniture spray polish is probably not the best answer but the easiest silicone to get hold of. Dry silicone spray is probably better. They make it for curtain tracks.
Sticking Electric Window - Mike H
My window wound up lop-sided which was jolly awkward, I bought some silicone lubricant (didn't say it was dry, goes on damp & dries). I put some of that on the rubber runners down the sides of the door & it's fine now. It was £5.99 from a small car accessory shop, it is safe for glass, rubber, even wood if you've got sticky drawers.
Sticking Electric Window - davwood
belive i got a can of silicon spray from halfords. I can't remeber how much it was but it wasn't expensive. I used it on the sunroof runners as well which improved the operation a lot.

Good luck

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