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Just doing a read on the archive about the Ecotek, which I am convinced doesnt work (may work psycologically)

In the end, the valve allows a small amount of air to leak into the engine which will weaken the mixture. Assuming that I car has has an emissions test and returns with a lambda of 1.00 then as I understand it the car has a ideal fuel/air ratio - why would weakening the mix improve either performance or fuel consumption? If it would be beneficial to allow more air into the mix then instead of computerised engine managmenet systems the technology of the value would be incorporated into the engine design.

On the subject of Magnets, this was another item that I firmly beleive could not work (at least the eco teck does something and makes a noise!) - Having said that, a previous posting in the archive pointed to the QVC website. QVC list a device (515728) which claims to "reduce fuel consumption by up to 15%, your exhaust gases by up to 50% (up to 90% with a catalytic converter) and improve your car's general performance with this ingenious unit. It helps your car start more easily in cold weather too" - It would appear that this device is clearly a Magnet.

Whilst I am critical of such devices, I am surprised that QVC risk selling such at item without being able to substanciate their claims, to avoid falling on the wrong side of the ASA.

In addition, QVC offer a 30day money back guarantee, which is underwritten by the supplier, so perhaps there is something in it? and then again perhaps not.

Where did I put those old loudspeaker magnets.........

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"up to 50%" also includes 0%. "up to" means "not exceeding" which is almost certainly a very accurate statement.
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If they worked a manufacturer would use them;"A fool and his money".
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There is research that suggests that magnetic collars or bandages have some effect on animals in respect of joint mobility, sprains etc. They appear to get better and, of course, they do not know that magnets are involved or that they are expected to react to the 'miracle cure'. I do not know what the sample size was but some vets think they are a good thing. As for magnets on fuel lines - "aligning the molecules" - I don't think so!
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Dowsing is based on the "bending" of the earth's magnetic field by water.

Strong magnetic fields can harm the human body.

Can random magnetism of the fuel system improve fuel consumption?

I see pink animals flying past going.."oink, oink"
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Does the 30 day money back guarantee include the 28 days you should allow for delivery?
Fuel saving devices - Ecotek and Magnets - peteH
Delivery is 5-7 days I think...

Totally agree that they have no physical benefit (as I said every engine designer would incorporate the technology as standard as an easy way to shave 10% off fuel consumption).

My query was, how can QVC get away with advertising them on TV without verifiable test data to prove claims. Might email them and ask for a copy for info...
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A few years ago, the OEM I was working for was testing some of these 'wonder devices' but could measure no real benefit on the test track. They had to stop testing because it was burning valuable resources for no gain (OEMs can't afford to do these things 'just-for-fun').

Make of that what you will.
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we had a very similar discussion in this thread :- www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?v=i&t=57...5

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