VW Golf Gearbox Oil Change, Oil Brand? - andrew4
Hi All

I have a VW Golf 1300 81,000 miles Mk2.

I am going to change the gearbox oil. I have bought the correct spec oil (Comma 80W/90).
If I bought a more expensive oil i.e. Castrol 80W/90 will this improve the gearbox performance and life?

Or is there no difference?


VW Golf Gearbox Oil Change, Oil Brand? - Mark S
VW specify SAE 75W-90 synthetic oil for this car. With regards to the different brands, I would imagine that as long as they meet the required spec. there is not a lot to choose apart from price.
VW Golf Gearbox Oil Change, Oil Brand? - andrew4
Is there any difference between using synthetic gear oil and normal gear oil with the same viscosity spec?

VW Golf Gearbox Oil Change, Oil Brand? - Cyd
I have Torco Fully Synthetic MTF (Manual Transmission Fluid) fitted to the gearbox of my Rover Turbo. Compared to the Rover branded original oil, the change is slicker and the 'box is quieter. Red Line also do an FS MTF which is popular with racers. Both can be had from Demon Tweeks, though I got my Torco from Hewitt Motorsport. I believe Castrol do an FS MTF, but don't know where to get any.
VW Golf Gearbox Oil Change, Oil Brand? - Robert Fleming
Give it a flush out with the cheap Comma stuff for a week or two. Then put semi or fully synthetic oil in. I got some Morris fully synthetic for £2 a litre, which is probably less than what you paid for the Comma stuff - shop around.
Gearchange massively improved, mpg up very slightly with fully synth but you still need to be gentle with the old Golf gearbox to make it last.

And don't be afraid if it appears to leak out the seals - the amount actually lost is negligible.

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