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A few weeks ago I stopped for a few minutes on a meter without paying and returned to find a traffic warden taking down the car's details.
I drove off before the warden issued the ticket and attached it to the window ( I did not try to stop him nor did I disappear in a cloud of tyre smoke).

I've now recieved the "Notice to Owner" stating that I have not paid the penalty charge and I now owe £80.

Am I correct in thinking that the Penalty charge Notice has to be affixed to the car before I'm liable to pay it?
Does someone know the relevant piece of legislation?

thanks for your help
Parking fine when no ticket was issued - pdc {P}
You will find what you want at
Parking fine when no ticket was issued - pdc {P}
In particular

If I return to my car whilst a parking attendant is issuing a ticket but drive off before it can be either handed to me or fixed to the vehicle am I still liable?

No! To be valid the ticket must be either handed to the driver or fixed to the vehicle. If you subsequently get a Notice to Owner you should write to the issuing authority explaining the situation and ask for it to be cancelled. If they will not cancel it then appeal. Although the adjudication services do not categorise types of appeal anecdotal evidence suggests that between a third and a half of all appeals are for this reason. The legislation was changed in 2000 to allow London authorities to send the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to the registered keeper. However, because of stringent restrictions imposed by the Adjudicators it is very unlikely that any will be sent. If you do receive a PCN in the Post you will have to decide whether to pay it, at the reduced rate, or challenge it.

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