Young Drivers Car Insurance - StevenM
My son (aged 18)and having just passed his test like all young drivers is horrified at insurance quotes.Even on a £2500 car in group 2/3 for 3rd party fire and theft the cheapest quote is around £1500,this after using many of the search engines
Would he be best going to a broker,although personally I've obtained cheaper quotes on the web and my broker could not match at my last renewal.
Does anyone have personal experience of the best and cheapest quotes or can recommend a company.I know it varies from district to district but any help appreciated.
Young Drivers Car Insurance - king arthur
One thing you might want to try - I did this when I had to get my first insurance - is, ask for Third Party Only, without fire and theft cover. Obviously you'd have to weigh up the risk of the car being nicked and having to replace it out of your (or his) own pocket, but it could save £££s.
Young Drivers Car Insurance - HF
There have been a number of postings fairly recently about the prices young drivers have to pay for their insurance, and suggestions of companies to try. Sorry I don't remember details, but if you do a site search you might find something.
Young Drivers Car Insurance - DavidHM
I'm 24 and in London, with 1 year's NCD.

Where do you live? What car specifically are you interested in?

Tesco and Direct Line can be very good and I'm with may be worth a look as well.

There's no harm in going to a broker; Budget is an online broker. If your son does Pass Plus, this may help bring his premium down.

Sorry I can't be more help but if you can get his premium down to three figures, you're probably doing well wherever you live. The good news is that, if he gets a year's NCD he'll be much more insurable - probably 30-40% lower next year.
Young Drivers Car Insurance - DavidHM
TPO can help, but if the fire and theft are a significant element of the premium then the chances are that it reflects reality. Don't forget that your son is statistically more likely than you to go to a dodgy car park, hang out with the wrong crowd, leave it unlocked and possibly own an older car that's actually worth stealing.

My car is insured TPO because it wouldn't be worth my while making a claim if it were stolen as it's a 14 year old Renault, but I'd say that excluding theft cover is a big risk on a £2.5k car.

Oh and HJ highly rates the chain driven 1.0 Corsa as a first car. I'm not too enthusiastic about the car but as a compendium of low running costs (fuel, insurance, tax, parts) it's tough to beat. If he's going to be financing the car through a loan, Ford is currently doing free insurance on Fiesta Zetecs for 18 year olds and he might find that the extra £120 or so a month he'd have to pay on insurance might do better as a leasing payment, especially as that way (IIRC) he'd earn 5 years' NCD in just two.

Also forgot to mention that tend to be very competitive
Young Drivers Car Insurance - Welliesorter
Also forgot to mention that tend to be very competitive

I'd second that. They also trade under the name Frizzell ( ) and give discounts to members of certain organisations such as the CSMA ( ).

I recently needed insurance on a first car and found them to be roughly £200 cheaper than the next cheapest. They also provided better cover (lower excess, fewer restrictions on the use of the car, etc.) than the most expensive company, whose quote was more than three times as much! Admittedly, being over 25 must have helped too.
Young Drivers Car Insurance - martin
When I was 22 i wanted to get insurance on a Peugeot 309 GLD, which had a value of about £1200 back then. The cheapest quote i could get was £1600 3PTF, i opted to be a named driver on my parents insurance of course. Similarly last year i tried to insure my VW Passat TDI (i am now 28) 3PTF and the cheapest was £1200 no bonus. Really, unless your son is willing to bite the bullett and pay these whoping premiums for at least 1 to 2 years he's never going to get his own policy. The insurance comapnies have pretty much tied up the market on young male drivers.

Bear in mind that he will get a reduction of 30-40% if he does not have an accident in the first year. If you can get a figure of about a grand, then go for it, i'd be amazed if you get anything less than this - he is the top risk category according to insurers. £1000 a year is £83.30 a month, which whilst a lot is still managable, or if it isn't then he has to seriously consider whether having a motor at his age is viable at all. If he can't insure it he's not he can't afford to drive it!!!
Young Drivers Car Insurance - rpjwhite
I am young driver (20) I thought I would give you my story of my insurance:
17: Was given car Metro 1.1S K-reg. Nothing special. Insurance for the first year when I learnt to drive was £800 ant that was fully comp with my parents on it.
18: Insurance rose to about £1400 quid! Note the car is not worth this. Same insurance fully comp etc. Did my IAM advanced motorist during this year thinking insurance drop. Ha ha I was so wrong.
19: Insurance £1200 Fully comp only differnces: I was now an IAM advanced motorist and my sister 25 (I think) had also been added.
20: Insurance £1000 fully comp me, sister, dad, mother. Why? God knows the scumbags in inscrance land want to screw young driver as hard as they can. I know I am more likely to have a crash but I have not had one prang or ticket (touch wood). My car is worth at best &500 quid. It is criminal. Anyway now getting new polo 1.4 TDi PD sport :) insurance £1200 and this car is worth £12000! it could be lower if you do the following things:
1. Take off all drivers who don't need to be on the insurance. eg. My dad is on mine but has his own full comp insurance. He could be taken off and we would save money. Insurance people hate two guys on the same insurance. No idea why.
2. Keep you mileage low cause that causes a big difference.
Have fun

Young Drivers Car Insurance - smokie
I recently insured 17 yo daughter in her own right (no added drivers, TPFT) on provisional licence with Direct Line for somewhere around £800. She has now passed but that caused no change to premium. 1.1 Fiesta worth not much, Berkshire.
Young Drivers Car Insurance - TrevP
My golfing buddy's 17-year old son got COMP on his Fiesta with Liverpool Victoria for £1500.

And why do they push COMP?
"Well son, TPFT, you pay by instalments, smash your car and get very hissy when you have to contnue paying premium instalments to us when you have no car"

Fraudulent "fronting" insurance declarations (as named driver on Dad's insurance for junior's car for example) is not recommended.
Young Drivers Car Insurance - fitz
Try getting a quote with one or two older, experienced drivers with good records as named drivers, even if they are nor going to drive the car. This will be cheaper with many insurance companies as they take the view that whilst the older drivers are driving the car, you can't be.
Young Drivers Car Insurance - StevenM
Thanks for all of the replies-will follow up the suggestions.
Young Drivers Car Insurance - NorthernKev {P}
Don't know if you've tried Churchill.
I'm 19, got N reg Punto 75 for 3PFT for £1002.
Best I got by about £200.
That is however with PassPlus [very handy to do and saves dough! What more do you want?] and I added my mum as a named driver.

Young Drivers Car Insurance - martin
face the music, your gonna pay through the nose when your a young driver becasue insureres know that they can charge the earth, the stats are against you. Mind you, it still pays to shop around and get multiple quotes, i think that anything for around a grand for a driver under 25yrs is not too bad. And if you can't afford it then you can't afford to run a car, full stop!

As for putting a named driver apart from yourself, this can be risky. I had my own policy with my mum as a named driver, but when i had the radio/cd player nicked they company (Endsleigh) got very suspicious about the actual usage of the car, so suspicious that i dropped the claim as it was my mother who was supposedly driving when the radio was nicked. Believe me, they can ask some pretty searching questions when they smell a rat!!!!
Young Drivers Car Insurance - MichaelR
I'm also a young driver at 19, and I've been trying to get quotes on what I hope will be my next car - a 99S Xantia 1.9TD SX, which is Group 12 (This is very bizarre - the car is identical in every single respect bar a slightly more rounded front bumper, the presence of an imboliser, stronger side impact bars and a passenger airbag to my current 94M 1.9TD SX which is Grp 9, but there we go). So far the best I've found is around £1300 with Norwich Union. I'm starting my IAM course soon (Already paid for), and whilst insurance was not the motivation for doing the course, I'd noticed they have insurance offers in the members magazine. Would these be likely to offer me a good deal? I passed 19 months ago and didn't take Pass Plus. Can I still do so, and will it reduce premiums?
Young Drivers Car Insurance - IanT
My daughter is a little older than most of the previous contributors, so her insurance should be a bit less. But it would be worth any readers in a similar situation checking out her policy ?

Premium £400.
No NCB (first year insured in her own name, but driving for 6 years on parents' insurance).
Age 24, Leicestershire.
No accidents or convictions.
Peugeot 309 GLD (group 8, value £100 but insured for £1000).
Insured under the Doric Policy, from the Corinthian Insurance Company, brokered by Leabridge Insurance Services, trading as

The brokers said this policy was particularly aimed at women in her age group, so it may not suit everybody.


Young Drivers Car Insurance - leatherpatches
As mentioned above, try who come out good for other young people I know. I am with Churchill, who have consistently proved the best service and matched quotes each year as I have rung around. I don't think they go for under 23 though (I am 28).

Have to say, my dad drove my car the majority of the time until I was 21...
Young Drivers Car Insurance - IanT
Forgot to say "TPFT".

Young Drivers Car Insurance - TrevP
Michael Rodgers -

Several points -

1) There is an option to fixing on a high insurance group car -
in your case I recommend a Peugeot 306DT - Group 5.

2) Ask the IAM insurers for a quote on the assumption you qualify.

3) I am afraid that, although there is a reduction for Pass Plus
(in the form of 1 year's NCB) - it has to be done within 12 months of passing your "L" test.
Young Drivers Car Insurance - NorthernKev {P}
I don't understand. I meant that the insurance is in my name, with my mum added as a second driver [I'm not read up on technical jargon, sorry]. Is this not putting her as the named driver?? Lol.

What I meant was that adding old people [sorry older than me people] tends to reduce premium, as they hope that person may drive it at some point, I guess.

I agree that you must start building your NCD, it'll work out cheaper in the end.

Kev, sorry for any confusion
Young Drivers Car Insurance - Welliesorter
As for putting a named driver apart from yourself, this can
be risky. I had my own policy with my mum
as a named driver, but when i had the radio/cd player
nicked they company (Endsleigh) got very suspicious about the actual usage
of the car, so suspicious that i dropped the claim...

I don't understand what's dodgy about this. I can see it would be fraudulent to insure a car in someone else's name if you're the main driver, but doesn't adding another named driver to your policy simply mean they're allowed to drive the car?

I am the only person currently covered by my policy. If I were to go on holiday with a friend, and wanted to share the driving, I would need to add them as a named driver. Are you saying I can't do this because they wouldn't be driving the car regularly, or that I'd have to remove them from the policy if I didn't expect them to drive the car again? Is it really not possible to add a named driver on the off chance that they may want to drive the car?
Young Drivers Car Insurance - Blue {P}
What NorthenKev is suggesting is perfectly OK, if he s insuring the car in his own name, and adding his mam to the policy so that she can drive occasionally it isn't a problem.

It would only be a problem if he insured it in her name with himself as a named driver on her policy and then went and drove the car all the time.

I put my dad on my policy with Liverpool Victoria and they actually increased the premium a bit, most tend to reduce it, but it was worth it for me as it saves me paying for taxis into the town when I want him to drive my car back home :)

Young Drivers Car Insurance - Welliesorter
What NorthenKev is suggesting is perfectly OK, if he s insuring
the car in his own name, and adding his mam to
the policy so that she can drive occasionally it isn't a
It would only be a problem if he insured it in
her name with himself as a named driver on her policy
and then went and drove the car all the time.

Yes, that's what I thought he meant. But Martin seemed to be implying that adding a named driver was dodgy too...
Young Drivers Car Insurance - martin
No, i am not saying that by having a named driver you are breaking any rules, it's more a case of using the car in exactly the way you have told your insurance company that you will and according to which they have sold you a policy. If it could be proved that any of the details of your policy (it's garaged or not, off road, main driver or secondary driver etc) were in fact bogus or fictitious then feasible an insurance company could say that you have not abided by the terms of the policy they sold you and are therefore not covered. In most instances this is proabaly not a problem as most of us drive our cars as we told our insureres we would. But for instance, i have a friend that disconnected his speedo to keep within milage restrictions and this small but significant detail came to light during a claim his was making whan his classic car was written off.

Young Drivers Car Insurance - AR-CoolC
This may sound a bit drastic, but is your lad in any way into the older (classic) cars ???
When I was 17 I was heavily into the VW scene, I "did up" a few beetles, and by the time I was 20 I was driving around in a very good looking (if I do say so myself) 1973 GT with way too many modifications to list here.
I used a specialist insurer (Adrian Flux) and payed £280 fully comp on a car with an agreed value of £8000. with no large exesses or penalties.

Could be worth a cosideration.

By the way it was Run To The Sun this weekend ( VW and Custom Car event)
Did any one out there go ? I haven't been for about 6 years, is it still as good as I remember it to be.


Young Drivers Car Insurance - rpjwhite
The point I was trying to get at before and was missed about named drivers. If the named driver has insurance of there own and it is fully comp then there is no need for them to go onto a young person's insurance. They should be covered by there own insurance. Two guys on the same insurance is never a good plan as I said before. Girls in general just get cheap insurance. god knows why.
Young Drivers Car Insurance - DavidHM
You say there is no need for the named driver to go on someone's insurance if they have insurance in their own name but what if

a. the car is insured fully comp for the main driver - the driving other cars provision, if they have it at all and most younger drivers don't, is valid third party only (but theft is covered personally to the owner)


b. the named driver is unwilling to claim on their own insurance if they are involved in an accident to preserve their own no claims

Two guys on the same insurance is obviously looked at less favourably than one male and one female, but only because statistically women's claims are smaller than men's, possibly because men tend to take more risks and drive more on longer journeys and faster roads. Though women have more parking accidents they have far fewer write offs.
Young Drivers Car Insurance - Mark (RLBS)
There is usually a discount for limiting the driving to IOD.

There are also potential ramifications if a car is in a parent's name and a claim occurs where the son/daugther is driving.

There are, in fact, potential ramifications whenever the person who has an incident is a higher risk than the policyholder; the Ins. Co. will want to be sure that the higher risk is not the main driver.

However, I cannot imagine any ramifications for a young policyholder with his Mother on the policy if she claims. Ok, you'll lose your bonus but unless she's got a DR or somesuch conviction its difficult to think of anything which would upset an insurer.
Young Drivers Car Insurance - Matt
I'm 20 and drive a 1991 BMW 318IS (136BHP, not slow).One would think this to be a ridiculous car for my situation. Anyway I pay £620 TPFT, no limits etc though a comopany called Prestige Ins. If you play one compnay off against another (esp. if you have been with one for a while) you can save loads of cash.) Good luck!
Young Drivers Car Insurance - martint123
Mark mentioned IOD mainly cheaper - I've often had quotes and heard mentioned that adding a wife to the policy can reduce the premium a few quid.

Someone mentioned classic insurance - nice and cheap, but usually does not generate NCB - cheap, because it doesn't normally need it either.

Young Drivers Car Insurance - martin
The point that seems to be coming across is that it is always better to have your own individual policy if you are going to be the primary driver, you will profit in amounting no claims and will be the only one responsible if you should need to make a claim however serious that claim may be. Really, after many years of holding co-policies, being a named driver etc, I have had enough of quarrelling insurance companies and friends or family losing many years of no claims due to no fault of their own. If you are a young driver simply bite the bullet and start shopping around for a decentish quote, they do exist. The message regarding classic car insurance is also well worth taking note of. I owned and drove a Commer Camper 1972 which I had insured under my own name fully comp for £300 a year with a limited mileage of 8000miles. I now drive a Passat TDI 1995 which is fully comp for me and my girlfriend, joint drivers and we pay £800 a year or £66 a month, which for two young twenty somethings aint that bad. Just research it!!!!
Young Drivers Car Insurance - pdc {P}
When I started to drive in 1993 I was 20 and I paid about £300 to the CIS for fully comp on a B reg 1.0 Polo. I am really glad that I'm not 20 these days if TPFF is over the £1k mark for relatively old cars. It's ridiculous.
Young Drivers Car Insurance - pdc {P}
Actually you might want to give the CIS a try. From 96 to 2002 it cost about £360 per year to insure my 96 Golf 1.6 SE fully comp, with anyone able to drive it. When I taught 2 friends of mine, female twins, aged 20, to drive in it the CIS wanted an extra £10 each to cover them. Bargain. Both passed too, though the standards of one has slipped now she is a police driver :-)
Young Drivers Car Insurance - pug_306_xsi_8v
you got cis number mate
Young Drivers Car Insurance - Dynamic Dave
They have an on line form you can fill out to get a quote:-

Young Drivers Car Insurance - Hawesy1982
The two best tips i could give you are these: - I'm 20 and am fully comp on a group 5 306DTurbo for £930 when i have no NCB

Directly conflicting rpjwhite's advice, add older more experienced drivers as extra named drivers if they have good driving records - i bought my insurance one week, then found that tip on this site two weeks later, added my mum and dad to my insurance and got given £134 back!
Young Drivers Car Insurance - Peter D
Check out the insurance companies discout for having a Pass Plus Certificate My son got and extra 25% discount off the base premium and a years no claims discount up front. and the Pass Plus six lessons only cost £99
Young Drivers Car Insurance - 20w50
Ive had quotes from £1100 for my 1.1 saxo (im 23 with 2 yrs ncd -no previous)

got 3rd party for £400 was well chuffed as fully comp would have only been about £75 more
Young Drivers Car Insurance - 20w50
sorry that was 3rd party fire and theft not jsut 3rd part :)
Young Drivers Car Insurance - Adam {P}
Hi all,
I passed my driving test in February this year after turning 17 in the August of the year before and was insured on my Dad's Focus 2.0 Ghia Saloon which is a pretty big car. I had no problems and am glad I learnt in such a big car as I feel confident (but not cocky!) ANyway...this story is going somewhere. In July my mum and dad bought me an N reg Fiesta Ghia but in the new (back then) Mark 4 shape. ( I have mentioned this in another thread but...) Anyway, to insure the car TPFT is £2000. Now this is a lot of money but as many other people have said, if I want to get on that ladder I need to start now. I was a little more cheerful when today, after reading this thread, I went onto the companies website with whom I am insured and found out that if I don't crash by next July, the insurance will come down to £1300. THis is still a lot of money but considerably less than what I am paying now. Just thought I'd mention it:-)



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