Road Angel - lambo74
is it any good? , anything comparable on the market?
Road Angel - Wally Zebon
I havn\'t bought one, but I will when I can scrape up the required £500. I\'ve read loads of reviews on it and they all seem to say that it is excellent. You can add your own \"Hot-Spots\" to it, and you can download all the latest cameras and accident blackspots.
If I were you, I\'d go for the one with the built in radar and laser detectors.
Bell Euro, Snooper etc are others of similar capabilities, but the Road Angel always seems to win in the Mag reviews.

Road Angel - Altea Ego
Check out Look under GPS detectors / comparison guide. They all seem to work and do \"exactly what it says on the tin\" I am frantically saving for one - will go for the Blue I, I think.
Road Angel - oldtoffee
I bought the Blue i unit about 9 months ago and rate it highly. It picks up everything (apart from lasers, mobile units) the Gatsos, Truvellos and SPECS. Good points - you can set the distance you want the alarm to trigger eg at 400, 600, 800 yards. You can vary the volume of the audible alarm - useful if you drive a VW diesel! You can set it for motorway alerts only and you don\'t need to hook up to a PC to update the database. Bad points - none really but the dash mounting it is a bit \"clunky\" and there\'s no back-lit option on the display.

Road Angel - Colin M
>there\'s no back-lit option on the display<

Yes there is. It\'s in the set up menu. You can select off, on when alert or on all the time.

Road Angel - oldtoffee
Colin M

Thanks very much for that - 100 lines "read the ******* manual!

Road Angel - smokie
I have just got rid of a Snooper S6R-Neo which is similar - GPS camera location, radar + laser. I was extremely impressed with it. I chose it over the Angel cos I thought the features were better, but I might be wrong.

But I got rid of it cos I have just had SmartNav fitted (approx £625), and they now have a £6 per month option for Speed Camera location. Seemed cheaoer to go for SmartNav and get the benefit of satnav for not much more...
Road Angel - Dude - {P}
It is a couple of months since this thread was first discussed, and as I am considering buying one of these units in the near future, wanted to know if any of the B.R. have any updated thoughts and advice to add to the subject of Road Angels or anything that could be even better. Thanks in anticipation.
Road Angel - smokie
Seeing as you ask....small update to my SmartNav. I've found some limitations but on the whole I am happy with it. The benefit over regular SatNav is the traffic info, and re-routing around delays. I don't travel to a huge number of different places so locating an address is not the most important thing.

Yesterday I was heading anti clockwise around the M25. it was shut at j8. I was meeting a guy in Tunbridge Wells who lives near me in Berkshire. I saw on TV the road was closed so I left home at 9 am. He'd left home as usual at 7. SmartNav took care of my route and I was in TW 90 minutes before he was. And it beeps when approaching a speed cam.

Bit more expensive than Road Angel but lots more use, IMHO
Road Angel - Wally Zebon
I bought my Road Angel about 3 weeks ago just after I was caught speeding! Since then though, I've hardly done any long distance drives, but on the ones that I have it works OK.
Its very easy to use and when the warning goes off you instantly lift off the gas even if you know that you are completely legal. It must be a mental thing!
I haven't updated mine since I got it so it didn't know about the fixed camera in the roadworks on the M6 (between J43 & J44). Luckily I did.

My only concern with it is that it needs to sit very close to the windscreen. This means that it is in plain view at all times, so whenever I leave the car, I have to disconnect it and stash it away in case some toe rag decides to help himself.

On the whole though, I'm happy with it.

PS - it is now only £400 WITH the optional laser detector.

Road Angel - smokie
"I bought my Road Angel about 3 weeks ago just after I was caught speeding!"

Stable bolted...blah blah... :-)


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