More third-world fun ... - Ian (Cape Town)
In Africa, 15-seat minibusses are the major form of transport for many...

The Daily News reported that a taxi carrying 24 passengers was stopped in Durban and traffic officials watched as passenger after passenger climbed out of the vehicle on its way to Chatsworth. They asked the driver why he had so many people in his vehicle, but the passengers were angry that they had been stopped.

"Our driver has done nothing wrong. This was the last taxi home. What must we do now?" said one of the passengers. "This is a waste of time. Why can't they pull over real traffic offenders? Stop the speedsters and the drunken drivers.?

In Harrismith some ambulances are being used as taxis.

It was discovered after a schoolboy was injured during a rugby match and there were no ambulances to take him to hospital. A member of the school?s governing body spotted the ambulances outside a hospital where about eight people with luggage, one carrying firewood, got out of one of the vehicles. The passengers did not respond when asked if they were all patients.
More third-world fun ... - THe Growler
This could be a thread and a half:

My sub-division fire engine was unable to respond to a fire because it was the fire chief's birthday and he had used it to take the crew to lunch.

The tollways are privately run: the manager closed off a 30 km portion so that the procession following his daughter and her groom to their wedding would not be overtaken or stuck in traffic.

Makati City has banned all left turns because of the obstruction caused when other vehicles turn across each other's path. This is actually very valis in the sense that most traffic slowdowns are caused by cars making left turns or u-turning and jamming up the flow, but try to find your destination by going endlessly clockwise with a good map.......

Some one-way streets are made two-way on Sundays, but not ALL. Go figure when you get hauled over....


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