Chipped with over 100k miles? - Alf
Most peoples fears when it comes to chipping your pride and joy is the longevity question.

So, does anyone out there in HJland personally (not talking about a friend of a cousin twice removed blah) have a car that has been chipped early in its life and has done over 100,000 miles without any grief? If so give us the gen, which company, how much, effect on insurance, warranty issues...blah, blah.
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Chipped with over 100k miles? - oldtoffee
I'm two thirds of the way there, so if this helps?
Car - Passat TDiPD 115 chipped to 140 at 10K now 70K
From - Superchip installed by vanAaken Developments, Wokingham, Berks.
Cost - 350 pounds.
Insurance - approx 10% uplift (after switching to another company)
Warranty - no issues with the chip or the car - runs perfect always has. Serviced on the button and I've changed oil and filter every 5K inbetween. Drives better now than at 10K.(fate duly tempted!)
General - Money well spent IMHO. Bags more torque, improved driveability. I don't drive it hard but I don't hang about. MPG is 44 to 46 mpg before and after chipping can get 50+mpg if I want but don't have the patience to!
Chipped with over 100k miles? - OldOiler
Rover 400 sdi 22k at chipping 120k when I sold it no problems - good for 125mhp 128bhp change out oil at half the service intervals
mine was mostly motor way driving and at MOT time came in at under 155gpm
had another car chipped by these people still going strong:-


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