205 Knocking from Front - deltaseven
Hi All,

I have had a knocking coming from the Front Left of my 205. Happens mainly on acceleration, when turning left. You can feel the knock through the steering wheel, as well as hearing it. (I am fairly sure it is not the CVs as it is not a 'click', and does not happen on full lock.

I took it to the garage this morning, and they have replaced the N/S front Roll bar Drop link and the OF Front Strut top mount. They also gave me an advisory that the front engine mount is worn, but not badly enough to warrant replacement.

After the repair, the knocking is better on left turns, but now is there under hard acceleration, even when going straight.

Any ideas as to what could be causing it, as the garage seemed bemused when I called them to tell them that the knock was back!


205 Knocking from Front - Cambridge
I had the drive shaft joints on my 205 fail.
The sympton was a knocking, not a click, under acceleration.

It got worse quite quickly - about a month, and both had to be replaced.

This happened a few months after a quick-fit place replaced my front discs. I suspected they messed up the rubber gaitors so grit got in. Could not prove it, so could not claim off them. Would never use them again.

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