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Well, Ian, got the mag and the Hertz Mustang GT350 article. What a car eh? Makes most of the rest in the mag look pretty feeble, unless you count the new Audi. Thanks much.

The writer knows his stuff. The real "Gone in Sixty Seconds" movie was indeed made in 1974, not that feeble Nicolas Cage follow-up. The script was written in 2 hours and the 40 minute chase destroyed 93 cars, it is said. Now that's what I call a CAR MOVIE.

Who needs a plot? Matrix eat your heart out.....
Car Magazine South Africa - Ian (Cape Town)
My pleasure.
I'll keep an eye out for similar stuff.
Car Magazine South Africa - Dwight Van Driver
Please Ian put it back in. We have Look at me Becks and his mates with you so keep a full look out while your driving???

Car Magazine South Africa - Ian (Cape Town)
Look at me Becks? Oh him ... We just spend the majority of the weekend putting together the "Official 2010 World Cup Bid South Africa v England match programme".
Yep, all the mob from work are driving up tomorrow - a delightful 20+ hour trip in a minibus.
After the shenanigans of our national selectors, I don't know whether the game will be worth wathcing - definitely NOT a 20 + hours drive there, and 20+ hours back effort...
20+ hours of hell ... - Ian (Cape Town)
Following on from the above post ...
Just been discussing the trip with a colleague.
[It must be remmebered that a lot of the people travelling are youngsters ...]
"Why aren't you going?" I asked.
"Can you imagine being stuck for 20 hours there, and 20 hours back, listening to Celine Dion and Britney Spears?!?", he replies.
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Sure can. One of those "head trip" movies à la Easy Rider circa 1970? about one of those famous journeys "looking for America" but very slow as I recall with almost no conversation and a weird ending. You can see where Mad Max got the idea from. Sort of thing you sometimes find on local Southern TV stations at 2 a.m. when you're trying to dodge the religious channels in your Comfort Inn Who was the girl in that?
Car Movies - Ian (Cape Town)
I give up.
Who was the girl in your Comfort Inn room? :)
Car Movies - THe Growler
Let's see now, Raylene, Charlene, Marlene were Charleston, Darlene and her twin Arlene were Memphis. So it must have been Lee-Ann in Chattanooga, Anna in Atlanna, or Alice in Dallas.

Car Movies - Ian (Cape Town)
Main Cast
James Taylor as The Driver
Warren Oates as G.T.O
Laurie Bird as The Girl
Jaclyn Hellman as Drivers Girl
links to the two...

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