Gas assisted diesel power - OldOiler
Came across a web site "Bull Dog" in the USA extoling the uses of liquid gas in Diesel engines up to 40% mix ratio - have lost the site.
Power increase is suposed to be quite something

Believe the UK has limited knowlege of this at the momment.

Any one heard of this method of power assisting diesels??
Gas assisted diesel power - andymc {P}
I think so, I seem to recall reading about it in Diesel Car recently. I'll have a look for you to see if it's still about.
Gas assisted diesel power - Another John H
The key word seems to be propane.

Are worth a look at.
Gas assisted diesel power - Dave N
It's been going a while, as propane acts like a catalyst helping the diesel burn more quickly, hence a denser mixture is created. The only thing to watch is the exhaust gas temperature. If this can be kept below about 1000*C, then reasonable engine life can be expected. Above 1000* and melting of components occurs.
Gas assisted diesel power - OldOiler
Many thanls for the info, this American site was dealing with providing more grunt for Lorry size engines. One of the safety worries is ensuring gas shut off is secure and turbo cool down's after running

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