Biodiesel is best - official! - andymc {P}
Heyhey, hoho, guess what? Someone driving a car remarkably similar to one of mine (just 3 years older), and powered by the same stuff, has just won the Tour de Sol, an annual competition event in the States which aims to showcase vehicles using alternative fuels in a range of categories. To quote the homepage of the Tour de Sol ( "If it reduces gasoline or oil use, you can see it at the Tour De Sol: The Great American Green Transportation Festival. Three festivals, an open house, and a road-rally competition will be held in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC during National Transportation Week, May 10-14, 2003."

Some of the competitors were production petrol-electric hybrids such as the Prius, some were solar powered, some powered by straight vegetable oil (these also scored highly), and so on. You can read about it here:

Smug? Moi? ;)
Biodiesel is best - official! - OldOiler
Some manufactures of high performance diesels will not support warranty if this type of fuel is used - possibley due to the lack ?? of additives.
Biodiesel is best - official! - andymc {P}
Biodiesel needs no additives for the purposes of lubrication, as it is already highly "lubricious" (if that's a word!) without modification. In fact, a representative of BMW UK was put right about this some time ago, following some chat on this forum. I think it was in the "First fill of biodiesel" thread.
The only other additive you could consider putting into biodiesel is for "winterising", as some forms of biodiesel can gel at low temperatures. What I use gets a 5% mix of ordinary ULSD in winter as a precaution. It has been used down to minus 12 without a hitch.
Biodiesel is best - official! - andymc {P}
Here's the link to the thread:
Biodiesel is best - official! - HF
Congrats, Andy, seems your earlier thread has been justified ;)


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