Fuel confusion - Cambridge
Just got myself a VW Passat 1995 1.8 petrol.

The manual says it should use 95 RON Premium unleaded.

This confuses me as I think 95 RON petrol is standard unleaded, and Premium unleaded is 97 or 98 RON.

Anyone got an answer on what I should run it on?
Fuel confusion - Cyd
The 95 RON Premium Unleaded is standard stuff. 97 or 98 RON is Super Unleaded.
Fuel confusion - DavidHM
In some places there is (was?) such a thing as 91RON regular unleaded. It doesn't exist here but sometimes the 95RON stuff is still marked as premium - and why not, it's all good marketing!
Fuel confusion - Stargazer {P}
In Australia Unleaded petrol is 91 RON and 'Super' is 94 RON,
My Corsa even had a switch under the bonnet to switch between the two grades of fuel.

Beware, different brands use different names for their low and high RON numbered fuels, eg Premium Unleaded may be 94 RON for one brand and 97 RON for another, Super may be 97 RON in another brand but not sold at a third brand. I always check the RON number which is also written on the inside of the petrol flap, this avoids confusion and even SWMBO has worked this one out!


Ian L.
Fuel confusion - Doc
Anyone got an answer on what I should run it on?

Use ordinary unleaded.
Fuel confusion - Cambridge
Thanks everyone,

I like the answer as it will save me a few pennies.
Fuel confusion - kithmo
"Premium" unleaded is the normal 95 RON cheapest stuff, the 97 RON unleaded is the "Super" unleaded expensive stuff. IMHO The best stuff to use is Shell Optimax which has a higher RON (equivalent to 99/100 I think) and IS more expensive, but it keeps your engine clean internally, you get more mpg and the miles per £ works out cheaper (greater increase in mpg than difference in cost).


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