Car alarms - Blue {P}
OK then the new Fez that I'm getting won't have an alarm fitted, but does have the standard Thatcham Cat 2 immobiliser.

What would Backroomers recommend as an alarm system, preferably a Thatcham Cat 2 - 1 upgrade?

I have a Laserline system on my current Fez but wouldn't have another as it has been too unreliable.

I've been offered a Meta Thatcham system from a respected local dealer for £190, anyone any advice on these systems? I've only ever really heard of Clifford and Toad as big names...

Does anyone know of websites that have reviews of different alarm systems.

Over to you lot :)

Car alarms - Godfrey H {P}
Blue these days a car alarm won't stop your car being broken into/stolen. Nobody takes a blind bit of notice of a car alarm going off. They are only useful if you happen to be within earshot as you will be the only person to investigate why it's been set off. Also after fit alarms cause more breakdowns than just about anything else.
Car alarms - teabelly
I've got a meta and it has been faultless apart from the bonnet switch being the wrong type. It doesn't go off in high winds either. I got mine fitted at home by Microtechnics who seem to do quite a reasonable range. Check them out at
Car alarms - Dynamic Dave
I can also recommend Meta alarms. I fitted one to my previous Cavalier and never had any false alarm triggers. Had it been fitted by the supplier, then it would have been Thatcham approved, but I decided to save myself £100 and fit myself.
Car alarms - Nsar
Can I piggy back please? I'm thinking of fitting an alarm to my 7yr old Audi A6 as a way to get remote cent locking, the advice I've had is that an after-fit remote locking system won't work with the vacuum system but an alarm will. Any advice on the best alarm simply to achive remote locking? The vacuum may need some work as unlocking with the key requires some strength to turn it.
Car alarms - Blue {P}
Thanks for the link Teabelly, I'm definately thinking of getting the Meta fitted, but I'd like one with remote boot release and window closure if possible.

I know alarms are largely ignored but it would be useful for the drive. When our BMW was broken into they put s small rear window through to test the alarm, it wasn't working at the time so they proceeded to carry out hundreds of pounds worth of damage to the door trying to break in. If the alarm had been on it would just have ben a £50 window...
Car alarms - Dynamic Dave
I'm definately thinking of getting the Meta fitted, but I'd
like one with remote boot release and window closure if possible.

The Meta I fitted to my previous Cavalier had all those options.
Car alarms - Wally Zebon
I had a Meta fitted to my Cav with total closure for the windows. It wasn't Cat1, but it closed everything up and locked everything at the touch of a button.
When I changed to my Audi, I went back and this time got a Cat1 Meta alarm. Again it is total closure, putting up 4 windows.

I've been mightily impressed with them. I have only had one false alarm and that was caused by high wind through an open sunroof. It's very difficult/expensive to get an electric sunroof to close with an aftermarket alarm, so don't bother.

I got my local National Windscreen depot to fit it. They gave me a certificate of installation which my insurers had requested.

They're not the cheepest you can get, but they're certainly up there with the best.

Car alarms - martint123
I bought an alarm from the USA because
(1) It was very very cheap.
(2) It came with a pager that has a range of 5 miles in open ground and about 2 miles in town and buildings.

Ok people ignore car alarms going off. But I don't ignore my pager going off - It's only gone off once, but I got the scrote who set it off in the company car park.

It's not insurance approved, but I think the pager bit (which is an addon) would work with most alarms. The pager bit was an extra 50 dollars at the time (on top of the 50 for the alarm).


Car alarms - Blue {P}
I'd love one with a pager, that would be so cool...
Car alarms - martint123
Not the one I've got, but if you're into gadgets !!!!

How about "Discrete temperature sensor that communicates in-car temperature via LCD remote" - very posey.

I think this is the one I got:- (for bikes)


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