Renault Sport Spider - Alfafan {P}
Idly chatting in the pub last night, somebody mentioned the Renault Spider, the one with no windscreen. Nobody could remember the last time they'd seen one or a mention of them in the usual car magazines. I checked on Autotrader this morning and there are a total of 6 for sale nationwide, one of them only 8 miles from here.

They range in price from £16k to £20k except for one for £5k in Tyneside.

Anybody seen one? I seem to recall they got good write-ups, especially as a trackday car.
Renault Sport Spider - puntoo
I have only ever seen one on the road and one in a Renault Showroom when buying a scenic in 98. I jokingly said to the wife 'shall we get one of those instead' to which she replied 'I dont want one of those, it hasn't got any carpets'.

How I laughed.

Renault Sport Spider - DavidHM
The £5k one is also a 5-door hatchback. Hmm.... Clio possibly and someone's chosen the wrong option on the form?
Renault Sport Spider - T Lucas
A friend that worked in the docks at Southampton told me how they used to race these around the compounds when they were unloading them from the ships,only damaged a couple.

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