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Hi All

I have a VW Golf 1300 Mk2 81,000 miles.

The centre silencer of my exhaust system needs replacing as the pipe to box welding has cracked and failed. The silencer was 6 years old and fitted by a VW dealer.

Is it worth having a VW dealer do the work compared to QuickFit etc? Will an aftermarket type silencer as supplied by someone like Quickfit last as long as 6 years?

Any suggestions please.

VW Golf New Exhaust Silencer - Dynamic Dave
In my experience of having exhausts replaced, none have ever lasted as long as the manufacturers original. Most aftermarket exhausts supplied by fast fit places tend to only come with a 1 year warranty (2 if you're lucky), and chances are the exhaust won't last much past the warranty expiry date. This has always been in my case anyway.
However exhausts supplied by a main dealer may not be original equipment either. I saw a lorry down the local Main Vauxhall dealers the other day delivering aftermarket exhausts.
If you're planning on keeping the car a while, you might want to consider fitting a stainless steel system instead.
VW Golf New Exhaust Silencer - blank
My personal experience had been that fast-fit centre exhausts are nothing but trouble. Ones I've experienced have not fitted properly, had noisy boomy silencers, silencers which have fallen apart internally and rattled (3 of these on my other half's Civic) etc.
I had 2 sections of my Polo exhaust replaced a couple of years ago by VW because they were not significantly more expensive than Kwik Fit. No troubles at all and still looks in good nick.
If your original exhaust lasted 6 years, I would recommend replacing it with the same item becuase it might even outlast the rest of the car.
Get quotes for both and see whether you think fast-fit is worth the chance.
VW Golf New Exhaust Silencer - ShereKhan
I used to have a Fiat Uno a few years back. It was a nightmare to get an silencer and centre section exhaust on it.

I went to National they gave me a quote on the replacement which I thought was quite good. They chopped the exhaust off and went to get the replacement from their stock. Well guess what the one they had was the wrong type!!

The guy apologised, they told me they would still honour the price. When they looked into the correct one. They found that they didn't have one listed for my 91 (H)60S FIRE Uno!!

They had to go back three times with a badly fitted rear silencer. In the end they adapted a Uno Turbo exhaust to my car. It did sound a lot better though.

If you are keeping the car get a stainless steel exhaust(You might need to tell the insurance company though). Its not just for boy racers. It will be much better than a fast fit variant. But if you want to keep the car original. Get yourself the original part and get a back street garage to fit it for you. Its not worth paying VW labour rates.
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VW Golf New Exhaust Silencer - Altea Ego
On Nicolles fiesta (before she got the clio) we were dwon to the local exhaust place every two years, regular as clockwork for a back box and pipe, always rusted in the same place, but at 48 quid fitted it was no hastle.

Be aware that stainless steel exhausts can be noisier than mild steel ones. They are thinner and seem to resonate/rasp even if its not a big bore jobbie.
VW Golf New Exhaust Silencer - Peter D
If you are keeping the car for more then 3 years fit a VW box, you only have to weigh them to realise the other suppliers are inferior. Regards Peter
VW Golf New Exhaust Silencer - Mondaywoe
I once had a system fitted to my Xantia by a 'major national chain'. It was most disappointing - back box 'boomed'. It was perfectly fitted, but obviously an inferior design or thinner steel.

Having said that, the next one I had fitted was a TI Bainbridge. It was done by a 'one man band' establishment and was fine. A 'private' exhaust fitting centre using a respected (branded) replacement should be OK.

We have two or three local tyre and exhaust centres run by decent hard - working blokes who give good service and good value. Remember that someone working with tyres and exhausts all day every day SHOULD know more than the dealers about their specialist areas.


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