VW Caravelle v Toyota Previa. - Grizzled Chris
I would be interested to hear any points of view which might help our choice of family transport. We have four strapping school age children and like to go camping. I don't want to use a trailer on holiday and we also need plenty of space for day to day in term time.Our choices seem therefore to be limited to the Caravelle or the Previa. They are both good vehicles, but which to choose? We have to buy second hand, and we like to keep our cars for as many years as possible.
Does anyone have any experiences they'd like to share about their ownership of these vehicles, such as fuel consumption, servicing costs, reliability and resale value at the end?
Thanks, Grizzled Chris.
VW Caravelle v Toyota Previa. - DavidHM
You could also look at the Grand Espace and the Grand Voyager. Even so, my favourite would probably be the Previa - although it all depends on how much you have to spend as to what you can actually get with your money.
VW Caravelle v Toyota Previa. - Altea Ego
Cant help on value for money or resale, but i have driven both.

The caravelle is rugged, basic and very van like.
The Previa (later ones) are much more comfortable and less like a van. I would test drive both see what one you like and go from there.
VW Caravelle v Toyota Previa. - mark999
You could also consider the mercedes V-class if you can put up with the terrible reliability.
I have just sold my v-class and have bought a Caravelle Tdi.
First impressions of the caravelle are that it is more of a van than the V class, and not as plush inside. The brakes and handling are much better however.


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