Driving Entitlement and DVLA - Varek
Hi All,

Potentially jumping the gun but just to maybe set my mind as rest. Passed my C1 (That’s all I need for job) last Tuesday but the Examiner wouldn’t send off the license for me as he said my picture needed changing.

I got the pass certificate and have sent that off along with my License, D2 form, picture, and postal order and it says it’ll take upto three weeks.

Obviously it’s not been threee weeks and I’ve heard nothing yet and the online license check thing still doesn’t say I can drive C1.

Question is do the DSA hold records or inform the DVLA that I have passed? I’m paranoid that my certificate will get lost in the dungeons of Swansea offices and I’ll have no way to proove I passed apart from the DC25/Form they mark the driver faults on.

Basically just hoping some of you experienced drivers can put my mind at ease!

Driving Entitlement and DVLA - badbusdriver

Well the key thing here is 'up to three weeks'. Only one has passed, so no point in worrying about it and certainly no point in chasing them up until after that time has passed. The examiner knows you passed and will undoubtably have records so just chill.


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