Citreon AX GT Smoke - Anthony Oliver
My m8 just got this car, it starts fine etc

but a few things i don't like

U can see the fly wheel spinning, should there be a plate there or is upposed to be like that, about 3 inch by 1 inch long,

blue smoke comes out the exchaust when u rev it, no mayo etc on cap, engine sounds fine, plues when he got it drove it about 100 miles to get it home and was fine no bother at all. could it be piston rings?

and its hessitates when u accelerate

just did service (leads, plugs, oil, oil filter, fueal filter, cleaned the air filter as well) on it and still has these probs

thx in advance
Citreon AX GT Smoke - SkyMan
Blue smoke on acc. sounds like piston ring wear or bore wear. Possibly caused by hard revving when engine cold, lack of oil changes, etc. As its a GT its probably been owned by a few boy racers more concerned with the stereo output than servicing...

How old / many miles is the car?

Citreon AX GT Smoke - Anthony Oliver
Its done 93 thou, g plate,

if its the rings and i change them , long job i know, and if the bores r goosed and don't get it re-bored will just changing the rings be any good?

Citreon AX GT Smoke - SkyMan
If the bores are stuffed then you might need to rebore it and fit oversize pistons and rings.

I'd say that fitting new rings into stuffed bores will still let the engine burn oil (as it can get by the pistons), you'll have reduced compression and the whole lot will be a bucket of rat poo.

Citreon AX GT Smoke - Anthony Oliver
Ok, do u know roughly how much a new set of rings would cost? Well he got the car for next to nothing, so we could get some rings anyway and do it. If it needs re-bored we will just leave it
Citreon AX GT Smoke - SkyMan
Sorry, can't help - I'm a "Johnny Foreigner" so don't know too much about current UK prices :)

Should be pretty cheap, tho.


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