New Micra - dave18
My gran gave me a drive of her new micra today. 1.2, seemed very nippy and has a decent 'quality' feel. Any opinions? It may be added to my shortlist for when I am able to get a car again.
New Micra - DieselBoy
One thing sprang out at me there - your *gran* let you drive her car.

Does that not set alarm bells ringing as to who the Nissan Micra is aimed at?!
New Micra - nick
Dieselboy, even if it is aimed at grannies that doesn't stop it being a good car (or not). There are lots of people who don't give two hoots about image, merely wanting a good reliable car at a reasonable price. Mind you, I wouldn't fancy one myself, I'm not keen on small cars generally (except maybe a Caterham Superlight).
New Micra - dave18
Diesel - lol yes but in black it looks less of a toy car. Peter - it was in an area of desertion for a short distance ;)


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