Reconditioned Gearboxes - davidod
I have just agreed to get my gearbox in a 1999 1.6 Golf reconditioned (by which I understand have the broken bearings replaced) rather than have a new one fitted.

I have not yet received a price (the garage have agreed to shoulder some of the cost although the warranty is out as gesture of goodwill) but am wondering how much I should expect to pay?

Also how likely is the gearbox to pack in again (how mcuh longer in mileage should I get out of it) and also how likely is somehting else to go as a result of driving c.25 miles to the garage as the bearings were on the way out?

Finally (and here I'm really betraying my ignorance) will any of this have had an impact on the clutch?

Many thanks for your advice in advance
Reconditioned Gearboxes - Peter D
A lot depends on that has failed, a main bearing, a diff bearing or what. In general a professionally rebuilt box will carry a one year warrantee and all bearings will have been changed. However if it was just a bearing early failure I would suspect they will onyl repalce the bad bearing and inspect all others. I would establish what level of rebuild is goint to be done. About £400 plus labour. Good Luck Peter
Reconditioned Gearboxes - percy
Davidod, I don't know how many miles your Golf has done, but with regard to the clutch friction plate, it could be a good (cheap) opportunity to slip a new one in. Good luck.
Reconditioned Gearboxes - Cyd
You should establish exactly what the garage is going to contribute and pay for (ie % of labour and exactly which parts). You should ask them to thoroughly inspect all parts and change any that look worn in addition to whichever 'broken' bits they will pay for. Ask for all the bearings to be changed and the synchros to be closely examined (any bits of metal floating around may have damaged otherwise good bearings). Make sure they are going to replenish the oil with new!!! Also ask for new driveshaft seals (whether they look worn or not).

IMO having a new clutch fitted is a good idea since the gearbox will already be out. You will have to pay for the clutch, but do not pay any more than an extra half hour labour (ie the time it takes to swap the clutch excluding gearbox removal & refitting). Alternatively ask if it's possible to measure the friction plate thickness and compare with new - replace if 50% or more worn.

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