Coincidence? - steveb
Recently we've had a number of actual (including my own !) and possible/potential head gasket failures in the back room.

Is this coincidece, or is there a reason/time of year etc why we've seen these now ?

Coincidence? - nick
Could be the recent hot weather finding the marginal cooling systems.
Coincidence? - Railroad
er.. it's lack of or poor maintenance actually, and this is the time of year when it shows up.

Change the coolant every two years. Change the thermostat at the same time. Change engine oil and filter regularly. Old engine oil will eventually lead to leaking oil seals, and that means leaks, and rotten cooling hoses amongst loads of other problems. I believe it pays to use genuine parts too, not the crap you get from motor factors. You often don't pay anymore either, in fact dealers are very often cheaper, and nearly always better quality.

On second thoughts, don't do any of this or I'll be out of a job.....
Coincidence? - 3500S
I know with my problems with mine, it's nothing to do with poor maintenance or sub-standard parts. Serviced, oil changes, the works. It happened, apparently to those in the know, a known fault with the engine.

I think as the temp has risen lately, any problems with cooling are simply going to show up. Speaking to the RAC man who gave me a tow, April and May are quiet months normally but he admitted that as the weather cools in autumn and heats up to summer, problems with cars show up and the number of breakdowns increase.
Coincidence? - Chris TD
With the Astra I'd just made use of the newly fitted towbar to haul logs in a trailer for several runs, presumably the hardest work the car had ever done, but the leak didn't show up until a few days later.

I suspect (as the car had very little history when I bought it) that it might have been starting to go six months ago, but given the circumstances of the sale I'm maybe naively thinking it's conicnidence.

I'm sure there's a jinx on the Backroom as my injector return pipes also went just after reading HF's account previously. I'm staying clear of any thread with the subject "Catastrophic Engine Failure"....

Chris TD

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