laguna - andyw
Toying with getting a diesel Laguna - I've read quite a few commnets that they've had quality problems, but to be honest it's a company jobby and I can get a lot more car for my money than with virtually anything else.

nyway - the choice would appear to be between the two diesel engines - the 120bhp 1.9 and the 150bhp 2.2 - to me there'd be a difference of something like £45 amonth in my hand between them - so question one is, is the extra bhp worth the money? I don't pull a caravan or shift big loads particularly, so what im after is resepctable performance. Any thoughts?

Secondly, and much less crucial, the model I'm after has electric seats with memory - am I right in thinking the settings are stored in the key card thing? And if so, how many key cards d'you get?


laguna - Altea Ego
I have ordered the 1.9 dynamique. I had this baby on a 48 hour test and did 250 miles in it. The engine felt just right for the car, nice spread of torque not peaky and felt powerful and smooth always power on tap when needed. The 6 speed box means at 80 mph is barely above tick over. I did 40 miles on the m25 at 70mph and the trip computer crept up to 60mpg.

I tested the Focus 1.8tdci as well and tho it felt more boy racerish, it was a bit peaky.

I am sure you have taken the tax difference into account the 1.9 is only 150gm co, 18% taxable benefit.
laguna - andyw
Mmm - I have taken the tax into consideration - I reckon there's £30 a month difference in tax, and I get £25 a month extra salary for having the 1.9 (so £15 after tax) - hence the £45.

I'm still a bit concerned about the quality issues, but I'm sort of assuming they'll have got things sorted after a couple of years of producing the things - maybe not? I'll have a drive and cogitate. Trouble is on our car list there's the neck end of £100 a month between the Laguna and other diesels I was considering like the A4 or the Passat.
laguna - mlj
Road tests i've read on the 150bhp Laguna were unanimous: the 120bhp is preferable. Not a huge difference in performance and the less powerful engine was easier to live with in most driving conditions and circumstances.
laguna - Richard_H
The engine is much easier to live with than those dodgy electrics, huge panel gaps and numerous other quality problems.

A manager at my comapany got one of these last year, its really has spent more time at the dealers than in his hands.

Engine problems, lights not working, poor quailty finish, detachable trim, flat tyres only they can fix etc.

Great when they work.

I can only imagine the nightmares these cars will bring when they enter the second hand market. I can remember that the previous model was well rated when mostly in company hands but who would buy one now. Even HJ advises against them.

laguna - Altea Ego
huge panel gaps

Not on the car I had on test
Engine problems,

Fixed. Numerous ECU upgrades and other non mechanical bits and bobs changed so I understand
lights not working, poor quailty finish, detachable trim,

Ok On the one I had
flat tyres only they can fix etc.

Not true, all the major chains now equiped to deal with this

laguna - Richard_H
Its always the same with these french type saloons

1..406 Claimed the best car in the world ever until it was discovered that you could open the boot with a pencil.

2..Previous Laguna, claimed to be the best car in the universe until everyone realised they were pants.

Like or not, there have been massive quality and technical problems with the new Laguna, stick your head in the sand if you like ! somebody has to buy them I suppose.

Check out some of the true user reviews at the site.

And quite why the site filter has decided to blank the above website is beyond me.
laguna - Dynamic Dave
And quite why the site filter has decided to blank the
above website is beyond me.

It's because of a previous subscribers overexuberance of refering to that site in nearly every one of his posts. However, in this instance I have edited your post.
laguna - Altea Ego
>Check out some of the true user reviews at the c********.org site

now let me see, that would be
2003 - one good review
2002 - 4 good, 3 bad, 1 neutral
2001 - 6 bad, 3 good, 1 neutral

You know what? based on your expert advice yes I will buy one.
laguna - andyw
Let me know how you get on - when d'you get it? I'm hoping to test one (1.9) this week - if I go for it I believe the delivery's about 6-8 weeks?
laguna - Altea Ego

Arrives on the second week of May. Took 5 weeks to deliver. Its been sitting in a renault dealership for three weeks, pinning for me because the lease on my old car has not expired yet. Cruelty or what?

I will offer a full report on here when delivered.
laguna - andyw
Cheers - I'm getting out of my lease early because of increasing family size (I've a Celica at the mo but we seem to have acquired another small person which makes it hopeless), but whether it's me that pays the £600 to get out or work remains to be seen! Also, to be honest I've not been impressed with driving my first petrol car in a number of years - I prefer to just stick my foot down to overtake rather than work the gears. I'll be interested to try a dCi after a saab turbo diesel (which seemed to go like stink but was a bit thirsty).
laguna - JohnM{P}
I agree. After 250000+ miles in VAG TDi's, I chose a 1.9Dci Tourer, delivered Dec '01. Now after 37000 miles in 16 months, I have reluctantly swapped it with a colleague for a 110TDi Golf, but do miss its space and refinement. It was not without its problems (which I have posted before), but these were mostly solved eventually.
The only significant problems I had in the first 100000 miles in my 97 Passat 110 were a failed airbag control unit and a driveshaft at 90000 (both fixed under warranty), yet a friend with a new Passat has had lots of problems, but still thinks it is a fine car (because we use a good VAG dealer, who deals with problems effectively).
Try the Laguna, it's a safe car (look at the EuroNCAP results in detail, not just the stars), with many good design features as well as the more gimmicky ones. When you buy any new car, you may or may not be lucky - following my, and other Backroomers' experiences, imo a good dealer should also be important consideration in your choice...
laguna - volvoman
The last Renault I had was a 20tl so I can't speak from recent experience but a neighbour of mine's son works for a Renault dealer (which used to be a Nissan franhcise IIRC). He has a Laguna and his comments on it amounted to: nice gadgets when they work !
laguna - Richard_H
Its a simple fact that although they have their fans, big French saloon cars make most people feel ill.

Saying that, people who do buy them make even the Taliban look resonable, even as they stand waiting for the breakdown truck they will swear they are the best thing since sliced bread.

Why anyone would buy one of these tin cans when you could have say a new Accord or Mondeo is a mystery only they know how to solve.

The French and Italians have never, ever been any good at electrics or quality control. They make good looking and stylish cars but they still make me weep.

laguna - Morris Ox
Saw a new Accord in the flesh today; one of my neighbours, a confirmed 'Hondaphile' has bought one to replace his old Accord. Thought it looked fat-bottomed and overdone when I saw the launch pics; in the flesh, it looks imposing, solid, in the same vein as an Audi but with just a bit more character.

I've got to admit that I do like the look of the Laguna from the rear but, having driven a DCi 150 Sport Tourer, found it competent but characterless.
laguna - Altea Ego
>big French saloon cars make most people feel ill.

I really must be fool in the face of such informed comment

I give up
laguna - volvoman
Renault Family - Why do you care what people think about your intended purchase ? If you like it and want one that\'s all that matters to you isn\'t it ? Other people\'s views on styling, build quality etc. etc. etc. are their opinions only and should be irrelevant to you. In the same way that I didn\'t marry my wife to be popular with my mates, I sure as hell don\'t buy cars to gain admiring glances from my neighbours and the popular approval of the masses. You obviously like Renaults and if your new Laguna serves its purpose, what does it matter that some people rightly or wrongly have a fairly low opinion of them ? You\'re buying a car not starting a crusade.
laguna - Altea Ego
> sure as hell don't buy cars to gain admiring glances from my neighbours and the popular approval of the masses.

Blimey, Thought that was the only reason.
laguna - volvoman
Well that would certainly explain your concern about what others think of your car ! Given the opinions of quite a few people I'd suggest you'll either need to acquire a thicker skin or simply agree to disagree and get on with enjoying your new car - hopefully :-)

My car 'does what it says on the tin' and serves my purpose - that's really all that matters to me.
laguna - MB
We hired an estate in France this year for four days and my wife said it made her feel sick for the whole four days - we were in it a lot as we were househunting. Could have been my driving, as we were dashing about. One thing to note, it is a very wide car -if you spend a lot of time on small roads might be a factor. Having hired one - I'm not sure I would buy one - but it was fine - good engine 1.9d.
laguna - jamieh
Hello All,

I am glad that i have found this web site and discussion board, I have had my Laguna now for 2 months and i have had nothing but trouble and problems with it. I was surfing the web to try to find out if i am just unlucky by buying this lemon or they are all like it.

Need i mention the really poor build and trim quality and reliabilty, I was driving near my house the other day and we have thoses sleeping policeman speed bumps, when i went over one of them the sun visor fell of above my head and landed on my hand on the steering wheel, What is that all about??

That wasn't too bad though because at least it started that day, Since i have had it at least once a week it has failed to start, it has been backwards and forwards to the local dealer, been on there computer and stuff, it must have had most of the engine replace and they still dont know what is wrong with it.

Please someone else tell me that theres is rubbish too so that i do not feel as bad, please someone tell me that they brought a lemon too.... Please.....
laguna - Morris Ox
Tell us something about the car first. Which model/ new or used/ yours or the company's/ price you paid/ where you bought from/ what you use it for.

Don't think Lagunas are lemons, but with the used history of its predecessor and reports of a fair few niggles on the current model, the Laguna isn't exactly covered in glory at the moment.
laguna - jamieh
It is a Laguna 2, 2002 company car and a 1.8 16v POS. The model is sports tourer (sports?, yer right!!)

All I can say is thank god that it is a company car and not my own, I cant wait to get shot
laguna - Altea Ego
[sticks head in sand]
laguna - peterb
When I had a Megane as a company car for a fw months it never gave any trouble despite not having been serviced by the prevous driver (although it was a base model with very few electrics).

However I found the local dealer useless. After a "behaviourally challenged" individual stole the wheel trims, I 'phoned the dealer to let them know I would be bringing in the car that afternoon and gave them full details of the model etc. "Is that OK?", I asked. "No problem, see you later", they responded. When I arrived they told me they were out-of-stock. I made my displeasure clear....
laguna - Richard_H
Talking about dodgy French cars is making me shudder.

I'm bailing out before I catch the fever.

Each to his own I suppose. Have fun with your car whatever it is.

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