Yaris CD Player / Audio - SteveH42
Does anyone know if it is possible to either retrofit a CD player to a Yaris, or fit an after-market unit? While I normally just listen to the radio, it would be handy to have one and preferable over the tape.

One thing I did wonder is whether it is possible to access the audio inputs to the main unit. I'm assuming it must have something like a line-in on it. I was thinking that if I could fit a pair of phono sockets, I'm tempted to buy one of these portable MP3 / CD players, so I could just connect that up when on a long journey in the car. Any suggestions?

Yaris CD Player / Audio - Dynamic Dave
How about one of those dummy audio cassettes that you plug into a portable CD player? The dummy cassette then uses the tape heads to produce the output.

Argos do a CD kit that fits most type of portable CD players. tinyurl.com/a8of

Maplin also do some CD kits. tinyurl.com/a8p1 and tinyurl.com/a8p8
Yaris CD Player / Audio - SteveH42
Ah yes, I should have commented that I've had experience of those - my sister sometimes uses hers when we are travelling together, and I find that you have to have the volume very high to hear anything and the quality is very poor. It's not a pretty way of getting a signal from one place to another so I'd rather avoid it if there is an alternative.
Yaris CD Player / Audio - stevek
I had the same issue with my corolla. I fitted a Pioneer CD with a FM modulator output that just plugs in the aerial input of the radio and you tune it to an unused frequency and then tune in one of the station keys to hear the cd. There is then a remote controller that I fitted to the headlining above the mirror.
Its far cheaper than the Toyota oficial upgrade that was £300 for a single player-but it did include fiting.
Yaris CD Player / Audio - SteveH42
I'd still prefer a direct connection to the audio system, but it's a possibility. I'm assuming you can do a direct connection - there is a Tape/CD button, but I'd guess you have to either program it or at least set a link to tell the ICE system there is now a CD player connected?

Can you actually buy stand-alone car CD players? All the ones I've seen also have radio and amp integrated, although if one of those is cheaper than a stand-alone I think I could put up with it. I'll have to ask Toyota how much it'll cost to get one fitted and then see how it works out.
Yaris CD Player / Audio - DavidHM
The CD is for an autochanger, here: www.sceniccaraudio.co.uk/Manufacturer.asp?Manufact...7

At £175, against £100-£150 for a standalone unit, it's a little more expensive, but I'd say worth doing to keep the original head unit and interface.
Yaris CD Player / Audio - DavidHM
Except that looks expensive. www.empiredirect.co.uk has the same autochanger (though maybe minus an adaptor) for £117!

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