New/used car sales contract. - J500ANT

Ive ordered a pre-reg car from a dealer (not the Seat on another thread), and am financing through Motability Finance HP (not the leasing that Motability is known for).

The dealer has given me a fixed price for my trade in (Fiat Punto) and I have signed a contract showing this and all the other figures and a deposit of £500 paid. The dealer is being tortoise-slow and hasnt sent any paperwork off to the finance company as yet (3 weeks after it was first filled out and one week after the deposit was paid) but what I want to know is, if this deal doesnt happen until May, i am right in saying they arent allowed to offer me a lower price for my PX because of the delay??

The PX price was fixed at the end of March and i know its already dropped £200 in Glass guide for April and am worried that when they sort themselves out theyre going to want another £4-500 off me. Im sure they would prefer me to go away with my £500 deposit and buy a different car, but i want what ive ordered (its sat there, teasing me!) and want to know that I can hold them to this contract!

Any comments greatfully received.

New/used car sales contract. - Vansboy
Doubt if the dealer will want to re-negotiate P/X price, so long as you've not clocked up a huge mileage, or broken it!
Also as the car is already registerd, it's not like you could get stuck with makers special deal ending, or new list price coming along.
So why the delay?
Did the overvalue your car/underprice theirs?
Have they sold the one you want, twice, by mistake?
Have you asked for their reason?
Can't understand the finance paperwork being sent off explanation, either.If we sell on finance, it's filled in here, you sign it, pay deposit/swap in old car, then drive off with the new one.
Assuming you still want to deal, a letter giving a date YOU want to take delivery & stating 'time is of the essence',or you (may) choose to cancel the purchase & require the return of your deposit.
New/used car sales contract. - J500ANT

No ive not clocked up much mileage at all, and its still in one piece (or was when I parked it earlier!)

Why the delay? Well i dont understand. Its Motability HP and I dont think theyve ever done one before, but I have and its not that hard. I reckon that they think of Motability customers as an inconvenience, to be honest.

My car was priced in March @ £6250 and the deal agreed with that price fixed. Its now well overvalued and I think theyre hoping that i'll get fed up waiting and want to walk away - the PX price was underwritten by a trader in March and it took some negotiating to get it agreed for April, but by May its going to lose them £400-500.

The car ive bought was ordered in for me (another long story) and so they havent sold it twice.

But in fact I want their car, and I want the agreed PX price. If I walk away i'm going to be £400-500 out of pocket cos the value of my px has dropped (grrrr Fiat) by that much.

Ive rang and left messages, and emailed - no replies yet - so i'm going there in the morning. Wish me luck!


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