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My wife bought a new Focus 1.0 125 Titanium estate in October 16 and paid the £250 to include sat nav .

When we got the car we discovered that the maps loaded in the car were at least a year out of date. In particular it ommitted a new road near our home which saves much time reaching the M57. That road was completed in 2014 and appeared on Google maps within two weeks.

We complained to Ford who insisted we had recieved the latest version and they were not prepared to help. The dealer eventually agreed to supply the SD card for the latest update when it was available.

I found out it was available earlier this year, chased the dealer and got the SD card.

Now it's loaded we have found that this "new" road is still not on the maps, even though it has existed now for over THREE years. Of course we don't know what other roads have been ommitted.

My advice- don't spend double what you need to get a good sat nav with lifetime updates. In fact Google Maps is free and excellent. Certainly the Ford one is a waste of money.


Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - Chris Miller

The sat nav in my 2016 Astra thinks there's a roundabout 1/2 mile from me. It's been traffic lights for nearly 10 years!

Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - RobJP

BMW update their maps at least 4 times a year, I can go online and download the data, and then transfer it to the car with a USB 'stick'.

Data is free for the first 3 years, and then costs £69 for 2 years of updates.

The only downside is the size of the data file (23GB) and my horribly slow rural broadband connection. Apart from that, simplicity itself.

Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - colinh

Kia had that system until recently - simple, no problem . Now with the latest models it's "free" updates once a year and apparently its too complicated to put an SD card in a slot, so it's a dealer-fit with a £25 labour charge. Once a year means they can be up to two years out-of-date depending when you put it in for service, unless you make a special visit. Use my Garmin GPS/dash cam with lifetime free updates instead

Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - Metropolis.

I understand that certain oem nav systems are not quite up with the latest tech available, but i've always preferred integrated solutions, it's just so much more convenient, no worrying about data usage, mobile reception or hearing it over the car's own speakers. That said, your fiesta might be available with apple car play/android auto, potentially the best of both worlds as you can use google maps if i recall correctly.

The map data on integrated sat navs are almost always sourced from third parties, in the case of Ford this is a mix of TomTom and Garmin depending on model year. BMW uses HERE map data, as they own a share of the company along with several other german carmakers.

When you drive on the shortcut to the M57 with the in-car navigation turned on, does it show you are on a road or does it think you are in fields? I ask because it might be part of its route calculation and/or the settings.

Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - greenhey

An update.

In January the dealer, at his own cost, sent us an update SD card, which we installed.

The road in question STILL IS MISSING.

We were amazed. Ford are charging people £60 plus for these updates.

Because we know that road is missing, we have to assume it is not up-to-date elsewhere. It's not just new roads, but changes in traffic one-way systems and the like.

We have sometimes used Google Maps and comapred them. GM is way ahead in functionality and response.

I am now trying to get some satisfaction from Ford, who try to refer me to the dealer. We think the dealer acted in good faith and accepted the cost of providing the most recent SD card.

Ford are insisting that the product WAS fit for purpose when sold. They say if you bought a stand-alone sat nav, it would not be up to date out of the box. This is correct, but most now include a free lifetime update service. With Ford, you have to pay, and even then it doesn't work.

ADVICE. DO NOT BUY THE SYNC 2 or 3 sat nav. If you are buying it in a used car, do not credit it with much value in the transaction.

Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - DieselBoy

My 2017 Kia Sportage' built in sat nav, which is supposedly the latest version, does not have Brooms Cross Road (presumably the road the OP is referring to) on it.

I'm not that fussed as a) I didn't pay for the satnav as an extra, and b) I can use Android Auto and therefore Google Maps - which is far superior to Kia's offering.

Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - Howy
It does not surprise me that the manufacturers are slow to include changes to our road system, it took Tom Tom 2 years to acknowledge that the three roundabouts on the A1 had been taken out so as far as SD cards are concerned, Ford are aware that there is a flaw on the SD cards for Sync 2, they are blaming the cards and suggest to keep buying them until the bug is fixed, at £159 a pop, I think not.
Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - colinh

There was an article in Auto Express, dated 21 March 2018, regarding the varying cost of updates - they noted "...while those for Ford Sync 1 and Sync 2 are £81.90 and £159 respectively; Sync 3 drivers get free updates for seven years" Just be thankful you don't have a first-generation Jaguar XFS - £316 to update!

Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - Finguz

Ford owners can actually download the updates and apply them without the need to visit a dealer. Just make sure you have a USB flash drive ( 4GB minimum capacity ) and visit the following website.

Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - J0HNuk

This has got me baffled. My 3 year old Focus Titanium has never had it's SD card out. I've never tried to update anything yet the sat nav changed about 6 or 7 months ago. I assumed that updates were automatic, and free?

When I say 'changed' I mean it has colour coded routes now, for quickest, distance and traffic, and also a change in 'style' that I can't quite put my finger on. Different colours maybe?

Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - John Houlding

You're lucky, JOHNuk….I have no sat nav now in my 2014 Focus Titanium Navigator, just a big star and a 'check SD card' message. Also the Bluetooth facility has stopped working - I can connect any phone to SYNC AND it is recognized but none of them autoconnect and when I try to do it manually it just comes up with 'no phone found'.

I've tried pulling out the SYNC fuse but there isn't a dedicated one on my car and the fuse positions for the boot fuse box don't match the manual. Now totally fed up and extremely loathed to hand over any more money to my local Ford garage to sort this out.

Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - FP

And linda2000 actually edited the tripe she posted?

Tripe (even more downmarket than spam) deleted. Thanks.

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Greenhey, do let us know how you get on with updating your sync 2 as Finguz has suggested. Probably a more productive use of time than taking you personal argument with Ford public. I don’t work for Ford but surely there are rules around unfounded or unproven allegations or complaints about any manufacturer made by members?
Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - Gary Alderman

Only for sync 3 unfortunately!!

Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - Gary Alderman

Hi. Had the same with my 2015 focus titanium. Ford said as it's sync 2 version I need to buy a new sd card at £166 + vat.

Place in ebay that sells them at £22 and works a treat. There's various ones on there and some are apparently rogue but this one is fine.

Let me know if you need the link and I'll send it over.


Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - Redcar01

Our Sync 3 does not auto update as it doesn't work, we have the Sat Nav grey out when using it ( apparently a known fault awaiting Ford to fix) so we have a standalone Garmin as back up, and when it happens you can't use Apple car play. Not impressed with our new Ford

Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - drd63
I’ve got sync 3 in my Mustang. Seems to update automatically, reliable and easy to use.
Ford Focus - Ford Sync Sat nav - Heidfirst

Place in ebay that sells them at £22 and works a treat. There's various ones on there and some are apparently rogue but this one is fine.

Just because it works doesn't mean that it isn't a counterfeit ...


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