Renault first fill oil - BobG
I have a new megane 1.9dCi with 4000 miles on the clock. I am unable to get a decent answer as to the factory fill oil. The dealer says it\'ll be elf full synthetic 5W40 but a mechanic who works there thinks more likely 10W40 semi-synthetic for running in. The handbook suggests that the first fill oil should be left in for 18000 miles! I intend to go to the dealer after 9000 miles for an oil and filter change. Does anybody have a definitive answer as to the type and grade of the first fill oil ?

Renault first fill oil - mj
Do not know if this will be of any use, previous motorbikes i have owned from new have had semi synthetic oil in until the first oil change, then switched to full synt. Allegidlysemi helps the piston rings and cylinder bores to wear and match to each other where as fully synt does not.
Renault first fill oil - jc
Most manufacturers use a factory fill oil which does not have all the additives of service oil-this is to speed up the bedding down process of the engine.
Renault first fill oil - lezebre
The usual consensus of this forum is that manufacturers have a dilemma when issuing servicing recommendations; they consider (we hope) on the one hand what will benefit ongoing reliability, and on the other what the fleet buyers want to hear, ie minimum 'down time' and low maintenance costs.

How much of either consideration goes into the handbook's service schedule is the 64,000 dollar question (cough, cough).

FWIW I would do the same as you, and drain the oil at 9k, whatever type it is, and then only you can decide whether to have it replaced with semi-synthetic and then the Elf 5w40 syn the service after that, or put in the full synthetic straight away.

Renault first fill oil - Altea Ego
Just bear in mind you could screw the munufacturers warranty
Renault first fill oil - Andrew-T
If you planned a dealer service at 18K for the warranty, and changed the oil at 9k yourself, who would be any wiser? and would the engine be any the worse for it?
Renault first fill oil - Altea Ego
nope I suppose not, if you change the filter use a renault one and they will never know, all the old oil goes in the same drum so they cant check.

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