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Car carpet. One area that really bugs me is the quality of carpets in cars.

Cars don’t use a massive amount of carpet for their flooring, but the quality of carpet in the cars can range from really good in Volvo, Audi or Range Rover to poor quality in Kia's, Renault & Ford

Now if the quality of carpeting comes down to price, i really can’t see the price differential being massive between both for a certain meterage.

I clean cars for a living & the difference is just crazy. Things easily get woven into the fabric on the poor quality vehicles which in turn can soon change the look of a carpet into a woolly jumper look.

The better quality carpets, it matter not what goes on them to a degree as the fibre is much better.

So why can’t these car companies either upgrade the carpet & charge an extra few pound which means better quality looking cars carpet wise for longer or give the customer an option to upgrade on purchase like they do for colour, air con & all the add-ons.

Audi A6 - Car Quality - bazza

Because cars are mass produced items in a very highly cost competitive environment, pence or cents saved per car amount to huge savings long term. You pay a premium for an Audi A6 and the customer expectation is for decent quality carpets, quite rightly. Cheaper cars will have savings in these areas, for example my last Octavia's trim was very poor in the carpet and seat fabric areas. But to a large extent, one get what one pays for!

Audi A6 - Car Quality - postie1

You are right re- mass produced items in a very highly cost competitive environment.

However why cant a customer get an option for an add on if they so wish.

Audi A6 - Car Quality - badbusdriver

Do you seriously think the the vast majority of car buyers care about the quality of the carpet in their car?. Most people should be more concerned with whether or not the car is any good, but as it happens, most are only concerned with showroom appeal. And if it so happens that the car they choose to buy has a nice car, then so be it.

Volvo's, Audi's and Range Rover's are more expensive than Kia's, Renault's and Ford's, quite a bit more expensive in many cases, so they have better quality carpets, it really isn't rocket science.

Personally i'd much rather have a car with wipe clean rubber flooring than any kind of carpet, but unless buying a van, that is not likely.

Audi A6 - Car Quality - postie1

You are right the vast majority dont buy cars based on carpet quality, they only notice it once they need it cleaning & bringing back to good condition.

I have seen black dye sprayed on 12 month old BMW's because of the quality issues and i consider BMW good quality.

Its not all about the cost vs quality. The Fiat 500 has better carpet cleaning prospects than a Porsche. The carpets in the Fiat 500 are imho better than porsche due to the porsche carpets going woolly, especially in the boot area..

If we are talking quality like the Audi's and Range Rover's, the Pillars on the Audi's and Range Rover's scratch very easily which shows very poor quality for high car prices. It really does show the cars up.

These car manufacturers save cash where possible like on the leather seats where they add vinyl on some of the side bolsters. Customers think they have purchased leather.

I fully agree with rubber flooring, you can keep it much cleaner.

Over the years i have had clients who actually carpet their car so they dont damage the carpet, strange but true.


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