Jerking 93 Astra 1.4i - Jimmbo

I have a 93 1.4i astra. Everytime I set off and accelerate any more than slowly my car just doesn't want to go and when you let your foot off the accelerator a bit it jerks, if you put your foot down even more it does the same but keeps jerking till the engine is revving quite high. The problem was really bad ie it was jerking in every gear and even when not accelerating.

I have changed the spark plugs, changed the fuel filter and ran a bottle of engine cleaner in with my fuel. I think the two latter things have helped to solve the problem and now it only does it when my engine is cold, however sometimes when I drive it late at night when it has been stood a few hours, it is quite bad.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance.

Jerking 93 Astra 1.4i - David Davies
There's a good chance that a new set of plug leads will cure this problem and while you're there renew the distributor cap and rotor too.
David Davies (Tune-Up Raglan)

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