Peugeot 306 'M' reg turbo diesel. - grandad
I have studied the 'laid up' sec. of FAQ's but it really doesn't fully cover my problem. My 19 yrs. old soldier grandson left his base in Germany in some haste last Feb. to go to Iraq, where he expects to stay some 6-12 months. He has left the above car standing unattended in Germany. I am not just concerned about flat battery and flat spot tyres but also whether the remote control zapper will work, the turbo draining of oil , and brake problems. If I decide to go over there can any of you experts give me any advice on how I can safely put it back on the road before he returns
Peugeot 306 'M' reg turbo diesel. - mj
I have over the years had to leave cars unrun for up to 6months due to work commitments all ihave done in the past is leave the handbrake off with the car in gear and the wheels chocked as for the turbo draining of oil all i do is start the car and leave it to idle allowing the oil and water temp to rise before driving off. I have found on initial application of brakes the the stearing wheel vibrates quite badly but dissapears after prolonged hard use of them from 40 mph on a quiet country road and then they are ok
Peugeot 306 'M' reg turbo diesel. - Ben {P}
This is the worse thing to do. The load on the tappets and cam are highest at idle. When you start the car pour in a little fresh oil, then turn the engine over with the king lead disconected to let a bit of oil circulate before you fire it up properly. If it has been left for a whole year, i would replace the engine oil before i started the car.


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