cameras on the m25/jcn2 - zx6kev
Does anyone know how to get access to the footage from these cameras as i was knocked off my bike here on tuesday
cameras on the m25/jcn2 - Rob the Bus

Unfortunately I haven't got a clue but I just wanted to say that I hope you're ok and that no serious harm was done.


cameras on the m25/jcn2 - Altea Ego
I am sure that some of the contributers who drive white cars with stripes on will help here, but if they dont. Jun2 will be under Kent constabulary control I think, and I seem to recall seeing a base near dartford somewhere. Anyway, ring up Kent Plod and ask for the traffic division.
cameras on the m25/jcn2 - Marcos{P}
In Hertfordshire the main control room at Police H.Q. have monitors mounted all over, I know this because I designed the electrical layout. I'm not sure if they record everything though and if they did how long it would be kept for. Just ring the Local Police force for that area and I'm sure they will help.
cameras on the m25/jcn2 - zx6kev
Rob the bus thanks for your concern mate i read a reply of yours from beetle something with regard filtering good man..I was sat in the outside lane at about 65-70mph when the car i was passing decided to move over forcing me into the barrier luckily i only broke my wrist all my clobber saved everything else just wanted the footage incase she changes the facts if you know what i mean, i should be ok as witnesses back my story up
cameras on the m25/jcn2 - cockle {P}
Kev, sorry to hear of the prang, glad you're not too badly dented.

I think you'll find Renault Family is probably on the right track, certainly on our traffic reports the reporter often mentions that Kent Police have told them of problems at that junction that they have seen on their camera.
As to whether they tape everything that would be the $64,000 question but I would think if they had spotted an accident then it wouldn't be the first bit of tape they would wipe.


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