Insurance cover for a third car - PaulF
My wife and I both have cars each with our own separate insurance policies.
I would like to buy an additional car to use occasionally,say for commuting (Max.8000 miles pa). What's the most cost effective way of getting insurance cover for this car?
Insurance cover for a third car - Fullchat
Axa Direct who insure both mine and my wifes car insured me a third car in my name with full NCB.
This third car is it going to be a cheap runabout or is there some money going into it? If its a cheapie and it got stolen or total loss and you could shrug it off could be worth considering TPFT.
Contact your normal insurer and see what they have to offer.
Insurance cover for a third car - Andrew-T
There was a thread about just this around a month ago. Full Chat has pulled a good one if he got full NCD. In my limited experience (and some of the other contributors') this is unusual; a second car has to build up its own.
Insurance cover for a third car - Gen
Yep, usually start NCB again. Then again, is usually a third car that little Bobby is going to drive ...will make a big difference if you plan to have any other drivers but you and your wife (particularly young)
Insurance cover for a third car - Cliff Pope
Sounds like a case for a classic. Insurance about £100, no NCB to risk, no tax, limited mileage discount, any driver, fun.
Insurance cover for a third car - Andrew-T
Incidentally, recently renewed cover for my second car - K-reg 205, insured TPFT, 3 yrs NCD - and found that premium was about 10% LESS if SWMBO was on as named driver than without. Odd, isn't it?
Insurance cover for a third car - Rob the Bus
Andrew - oddly enough the insurance for my Granada was roughly 10% cheaper if I included SWMBO, and she only has a provisional licence.

My f-i-l's insurance dropped by over £50 on his Toyota Camry when he added me. Sometimes I think that insurance companies just think of a number, then double it when they come up with premiums. I've recently been shopping around on t'internet for my f-i-l, who now runs a Toyota Pickernick and the quotes have ranged from an entirely reasonable £200 to over £600! How the heck does that work then?
Insurance cover for a third car - Alfafan {P}
It seems to be a bit of a lottery. I did a couple of online checks recently and with Churchill I got a quote for about £200. I checked through Lloyds Bank and the cheapeast they came up with was £280. With Churchil!!!
Insurance cover for a third car - Rob the Bus
Alfafan - that's exactly what happened with me! I checked the Lloyd's TSB site and they quoted £252 with Churchill. I then checked Churchill's site and they quoted £200 exactly. Is it any wonder some people don't bother with insurance anymore?


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