Mondeo ST24 V6 - Mark (Brazil)

I rented one of these while I was in the UK. An outstanding car. I drove about 1200 miles in it.

I was a little disconcerted by how much it pulled to the right when accelerating hard - I've no idea whether that was the one I had, although it was brand new or that they're all like that. But I got used to it and it didn't pull under braking or normal driving.

The only niggle was the you wouldn't want to be too wide in the back since the sides of the seats pinch a little.

Other than that, fast, handles well, quiet, well equipped. All in all, pretty impressive.

I did wonder what "ST" stands for though.

Re: Mondeo ST24 V6 - Guy Lacey

When on company business they hire out ST24's and ST200's and they are fantastic cars. The driving position and experience is a league ahead of the stock Mondeos - and the engine note - fantastic.

I think it's just a torque-steer problem you mention - they tend to encourage heavy footed driving. I'm sure there's a reason for the pull to the right and has something to do with the position of the gearbox and diff but i'm sure my brother will put me in the picture/humiliate me!

Could ST = Sports Tourer?
Re: Mondeo ST24 V6 - Mark (Brazil)
I'm sure it is torque-steer. It pulled always under acceleration, although not particularly hard, but if one was to be thundering through the gear box on a sunny afternoon, just to see what it would do, then the leap to one side at gear change point was troublesome.

Not that I would know, you understand, just hypotetically speaking.

The seating position is good, but I suspect someone broader than me would suffer.Guy Lacey wrote:
Mondeo ST24 V6 - David Lacey
ST as in ST24 stands for Special Tuning
or does it stand for Sexually Transmitted?
Re: Mondeo ST24 V6 - Mark (Brazil)
David - If you can sexually transmit something the size of a Mondeo, you have hidden, and potentially valuable, talents.

Impressed of Rio.
Re: Mondeo ST24 V6 - Ian Cook
Or does ST stand for Steer Torquer?
Re: Mondeo ST24 V6 - John
i had a duratec v6 mondeo once, and i can't say it suffered from much torque steer. maybe the one you drove had been abused.
Re: Mondeo ST24 V6 - fecker
I used to have one too. It didn't torque steer that much in the classical way (ie unequal driveshafts) it just broke traction under power and would drag itself around the road as each tyre gripped. No real problem as long as you've got 2 hands on the wheel.

It's pretty much at the limit for a FWD car anyway. (Apart from my Type R :o)).
Re: Mondeo ST24 V6 - Dai Watchalowski
either that or a hypodermic in the seat squab......seen it happen around here trying to catch an unsuspecting plod when recovering stolen cars. Ended up nearly catching out one of my guys. F****G outragious !

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