Clio front wheel drone - JonL
Hi all, my Wife's 98 Clio 1.2 has developed a serious noise coming from the front (drivers side) wheel. I would describe it as a rumble/drone and is worsened by turning the steering wheel to the left. The car has done 65K and is otherwise very reliable. Could this be a worn wheel bearing and if so are they expensive to fix?



Clio front wheel drone - bazza
It's the drivers side wheel bearing. When you turn the wheel to the left, you are placing more load on the off side bearing, so it groans a bit louder. It's a very common failiure with the Renault Clio. It shouldn't be a very expensive job, you can entrust any good workshop with it.
Clio front wheel drone - JonL
Nice one Baz - will get it booked in pronto.

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