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I have been reading an article about the quote" problems technicians face" when changing a stop start car battery (either the AGM or EFB type)

eg the battery has to be paired or electronically matched to the vehicles battery management system. or there will be ..................trouble !

According to the article I read a large percentage of new/newer cars have these batterys fitted,batterys rarely last more than 7/8 years.

has anyone had any problems having stop start batterys replaced ?

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Many electrical components on modern cars are coded so need proper matching when installed, often only possible using the dealers's software - but I find it difficult to believe that batteries, even EFB/AGM, are electronically coded - however, there will usually be a specific sequence to go through to avoid major electronic issues.

My own VW Touareg, an older design, has stop-start so the AGM battery is recommended for replacement at 5 years old - it's a relatively straight-forward process to do even though it's under the passenger seat.

I plan to get the full VCDS diagnostic software next month and recode the stop-start to default to off - it can't be good for turbos to keepo switching off.

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A friend had a battery replacement done on a 2009 118i (which has start/stop) a few months ago. The process was no more complicated than replacing a battery on a car from the 60s, 70s or 80s, and no more complicated than replacing the battery on my Kawasaki KVF 650 farm quad.

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Not specifically about stop start, but i would have to assume auto electricians will have to be EXTREMELY careful changing one of the new 48V batteries you get on some new luxury cars, don't fancy getting a shock off one of them!

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Many cars with or without stop/start system need a new battery "assigned"to the car. It is not a coding of the battery.,it is a method of telling the power management and electrical system to recognise a new battery and adapt the power use and charging system as reqd.Batteries fitted to stop start cars do not seem to last very long,often need to be replaced soon after the car warranty has expired.

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As above, stop start cars monitor the battery levels so need to be told the car has a new battery. Most mechanics really should have some sort of software to do this these days.

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Some makers are now using a super capacitor for the stop/start system.

A standard battery can then be used.

The capacitor system is very light weight but has enough power stored to start the car several times & then is re-charged by the alternator very quickly.

There is a guy on youtube who has replaced his car battery with a bank of super capacitors.

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On my Mazda 6 the stop/start is switched off 99% of the time manually by me, a habit almost now and not too much a pain, Hopefully a way around the default setting will appear soon.

It also uses a huge capacitor which provides power to the car's electrics eg. Air Con, lights etc It can discharge say over approx 4 mins or longer dependant on load but charges up on decelleration within 4 seconds. The display shows it quite well, but annoyingly when in this mode it disables voice commands for some logical reason that escapes me.


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