sierra - flic
Everyone says we're gonna be ripped off but we've found a sierra on a K plate(1992) with only 61,000 miles, new clutch, new gearbox, new brakes, 10cd multichanger, infinity speakers in a custom shelf. The only rust is a tiny bit starting on the rear wheel arch. The car looks in really good nick, starts from cold and drives well (at the moment!!) there were no obvious leaks and the interior is in perfect shape, but we've been told that sierras are not worth more than £500, the lowest we can get it for is £675. SHOULD WE BUY???????????
sierra - DavidHM
Only 61k? Got any history to back that up?

Clutch, box and brakes that have gone in 61k is not impossible for an 11 year old car, but it does at least prove that it's had a fairly hard life. Are you sure it's not really 161k - Sierras only have five digits on the speedo.

The rust may be minor on the arch now, but rust can spread and there are so many newer, better cars available that buying one with any rust on it is probably a false economy.

Also, while you may like the custom audio install, to me it suggests that the car has already been 'boy raced'. That might be what you want to do with it, but there's only so much hard use/abuse that a car can take.

If you really need a car right now, then it's probably not a disastrous buy, but I'm pretty sure you can do better.
sierra - flic
Thanks for the advice m8 we're taking it in and making sure we do the right thing
sierra - DavidHM
Where do you live? How old are you? What's your budget?

I'm 24 and I'm sure I'll get slated for this, but there's no point in doing a half-hearted Max Power style job on a car. (Noticed your Recaro thread earlier on).

Believe me, £3500 spent on a nice Audi A4 with alloys will get you much, much more kudos and performance than £3000 worth of extras on a £500 Sierra. If you can mod the A4, then you might be getting somewhere, of course...
sierra - dave18
Woulda thought the best aspect for the sierra is that its a quickish car for banger money. Itll break but itll be cheap to fix. Spending money on mods would be a bit silly though.

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