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Hello all,
I see HJ has a reference to some auction buyers on the site. Does anyone have any experience with them? Is there a minimum spend? Would 3500- 4000 get me anything worth having? What specifications can you choose?
Any help gratefully recieved
Re: Auction Buyers - honestjohn in Indonesia
Why don't you start by phoning the auction buyers and asking them??

Re: Auction Buyers - fecker
I was at the auctions on Thursay (BCA) looking in this price range for a mate.
There was loads of good kit. Dunno what sort of car you want but here are some examples from last week
T-Reg Clios in nice colours at about 4k
T-Reg Fiat Bravas 3500-4000k
V reg and newer Citroen Xsaras about 4.5k
S reg astra 2,200
X reg Rover 25 - £8200
nice P-reg mondeo estate old shape 2.0 GLX £2200
P reg civics 2500ish

Remember , the newer stuff will still have manufacturers warranty, so no worries mate!
Re: Auction Buyers - Vin

Do a search on "Julian Trim" on this message board and you'll get my comments on his performance buying a car for me. He's now bought three or four for friends by recommendation, and I don't praise higher than that.

I suggest you give him a call - he'll be as specific or as general on a model as you require.


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