Coolant in No.1 piston - jessiej

I have had a re-occuring problem with my 1997 Audi A3 1.6. Coolant/water seems to be getting into the No.1 cylinder / piston bore. A cylinder pressure test has shown a leak however the escaping air seems to be coming from somewhere around the top of the manifold inlet. This is the second time this has occured, the first time round i had to replace the cylinder head. Please can anyone help?
Coolant in No.1 piston - Peter D
Not really enough info yet. I assume No 1 is steam cleaning itself and the cooling system is pressurising itself or are you just loosing water. You said the air appear to be coming out at the top of the inlet manifold, explain please. This could just be a burnt out inlet valve. Some garages use a sniffer in the water header tank to detect fuel gasses in the water system.

When the head gasket was change was the block surface check for cracks and how long ago was this work carried out. Come Back. Regards Peter.


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